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I got the Music In me…

We are just finishing up the 4th post on TACKLING TIMELINE But I thought I would post something today too 🙂 MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC   As artists we LOVE the impact that music can have when our work is shown. It helps capture  feeling, a mood, or our art & style. However there are a […]

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Tackling Timeline (step #3) Pin with purpose!

Maternity and Newborn resource for Photographers

In step one, we talked about updated your facebook timeline cover image. In step two, we went over how to customize & move around your tabs.  In step three, we’re going to talk about the importance of your news feed, how to pin with purpose, highlight posts, and talk about the new ‘contact’ through facebook feature […]

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Tackling Timeline (step #2)…Tabs, Tabs, Tabs!

Facebook Timeline - The Milky Way

Ok.  Hopefully you had a chance to update your cover image & profile image to fit the new timeline format. If you haven’t, check out our quick tutorial here So, next up on our ‘to-do’ list…TABS! In the old style, our tabs were found along the left side.  Now, you will find the tabs along the top. Your first […]

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Facebook is still your friend…really!

Just when you had your page layout, landing tabs, and fan gates all figured out, facebook goes and announces Timeline. No need to pout or stamp your feet.  The change is happening.  Embrace it. And, to help you embrace it, over the next week, we’ll be changing over OUR facebook page to timeline, and sharing […]

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You Can’t Buy Style

Things I wish I would have known before I started a Photography Business. You can’t Buy Style. For the first year of my business I bought EVERYTHING. Hats, props, backdrops, floors you name it! I bought it.  About 7 months ago I realized one day I was hiding behind my props. I decided to challenge […]

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