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Hello fans! Uh. Anyone there? (Tackling Timelines-4b)

We continue on our mission of moving over to timeline, and chat about some overall facebook strategies. First – if you haven’t had an opportunity to grab your FREE timeline templates, please do before they end up in the store!  And if you are just joining us now, head back to the beginning of the […]

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Tackling Timeline (step #4a): I just need more fans (?)

Before we get into the 4th part of our facebook series,  we just want to include this tip if you are running into problems with timeline images looking blurry in facebook. Before adding your own photos, open the template and follow these steps: 1. In Photoshop, go to “image” > “image size” 2. Change the […]

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I got the Music In me…

We are just finishing up the 4th post on TACKLING TIMELINE But I thought I would post something today too 🙂 MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC   As artists we LOVE the impact that music can have when our work is shown. It helps capture  feeling, a mood, or our art & style. However there are a […]

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Tackling Timeline (step #3) Pin with purpose!

Maternity and Newborn resource for Photographers

In step one, we talked about updated your facebook timeline cover image. In step two, we went over how to customize & move around your tabs. (and gave away some FREE cover templates! Be to grab them before they head to the store!) In step three, we’re going to talk about the importance of your […]

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