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Getting set up for enews

Regardless of the option you pick, you’ll need to take the following steps 1. Create a web form Decide what information you NEED. Remember, the more fields people need to fill out, the least likely they are to complete it. You can always gather more information (such as address, phone number, birthdates once they become […]

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Been stalling on enews? (let’s get started!)

As you know, Facebook is constantly changing, and recently, it has become harder and harder to reach your ‘fans.’ Let’s face it…it was a really nice free marketing platform for a couple years…but Facebook is a business, it’s their platform, and they can change if they want to. So…how DO you reach your clients on […]

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Alumni Interview: Brittany Santos Photography

We’re excited to introduce you to another one of our talented alumni, Brittany Santos. Website: Find her on Facebook here: Where do you call home? Edmonton Alberta Describe Your Style Feminine, playful and a little whimsical. I’m a run through the woods kind of photographer rather than urban jungle. I love all things […]

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Transformations: Mel Taylor Photography

Before and after by alumni, Mel Taylor Photography. “Ok I always get a little scared about sharing my images at times. This image was taken almost 12 months ago. I decided to pull out some old images and have fun with them after taking your editing course. So far this is the only image I’ve edited […]

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In business…(or just busy-ness?)

Question:  “Are you addicted to “being busy?” Does it feel like you are always working…and yet, not *really* moving forward on projects that truly benefit your business? First of all, we recommend you set up Rescue Time so you can start to get a clear picture of where your time goes (it’s free!) You may […]

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