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Ensure safe newborn sessions by working with a spotter

safe newborn sessions with siblings on the floor

Conducting safe newborn sessions is not a negotiable – it is essential to the well-being of the baby and for the legal protection of your own business. In the video below I share with you the reasons for having a newborn safety spotter and why it’s so important. Prefer to read about safe newborn sessions […]

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Newborn Photography Conferences – The 2020 List

Education is the foundation of the newborn photography industry, and we are lucky enough to have several newborn photography conferences to choose from every year. We’ve rounded up some options for you to explore in 2020! Multiple Countries Baby and Kid CongressAn International Conference and Trade Show for Maternity, Newborn, Children and Family Professional Photographers, […]

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Safety Considerations when Choosing Newborn Props

choosing newborn props

Choosing newborn props is not just all about finding the cutest items for newborn poses. It is important to make sure they are safe to use in your newborn photography studio. Newborn safety is always … ALWAYS more important than getting a cute shot. We all want to be known as the safest photographer around […]

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Newborn Photography Safety Tips: Using Composites

Today I share one of the most important newborn photography safety tips in the industry: using composites for certain types of newborn poses. When you’re getting started with newborn photography it is so easy to assume that every dramatic image you see is just like the way it was taken. However, that’s not the case. […]

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Macro Newborn Photography: Feet and Toes

macro newborn photography of feet

Macro newborn photography, when mastered, adds so much more variety and dimension to the gallery that you present to your clients. And these images are bound to be some of your most popular images – after all, capturing these features that are only present for a short while is one of the main reasons why […]

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