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A guide to your FREE business planner for photographers!

Milky Way’s free annual business planner for photographers has become the most anticipated freebie every year! Did you grab your copy? You can do that here: Our planner takes an honest look at the past year, and celebrates all the victories, but also looks at where in your business things went wrong. Using this […]

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Strobe vs Continuous Lighting for Newborn Photography

Strobe vs continuous lighting … is one better than the other for newborn photography? What are the differences between the two forms of studio lighting anyway? While this topic can get really complicated, Lisa breaks it down quickly and simply. Many newborn photographers have described the change to studio lighting as life-changing, and deciding whether […]

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6 Hacks to Speed Up your Newborn Photography Workflow

Trust me, nobody chooses to have a newborn photography workflow that is 4 hours long! But because there are so many variables when newborns are involved, it could totally happen. In this video, I offer 6 ways that you can set yourself up to have the fastest possible workflow in your newborn photography business. You […]

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Creating a Newborn Session Workflow that works for you

soft lighting not lighting mistakes

When you’re just getting started with newborn photography, you may not have any idea on which poses to choose for your newborn session workflow. Let’s break down some easy tips which will greatly aid you in your first few newborn sessions. The biggest takeaway is to start simple, with easy poses that you can master, […]

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Newborn Photography Safety: The Importance of a Camera Strap

Why does a camera strap get its own video in our newborn photography safety series? Because it is that an important topic in photography. Whether you are a newborn photographer, or family photographer – wearing your camera strap when doing overhead shots is a habit you should learn to incorporate every single time. You wouldn’t […]

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