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Top 8 NEW newborn photographer mistakes

New newborn photographers often lack confidence and aren’t sure whether they are on the right track. Even more experienced photographers sometimes make these newborn photographer mistakes! We run through the top 8 mistakes that you can make as a new newborn photographer, and I will give you some advice on how to avoid them. Keeping […]

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How to blur the background in newborn photos

how to blur the background

“How to blur the background” is one of the most frequently asked questions from our students, so we’ve decided it would be fitting topic for the first installment in our “Ask Lisa” series. Getting that yummy, creamy bokeh in your newborn photos can help elevate your work in the studio, and making sure you get […]

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Wrapping Newborns | The Peeking Toe Wrap

wrapping newborns

Take a peek behind the scenes with me wrapping newborns for a special “peeking toe” effect that looks so sweet. This newborn wrapping technique is simple to do and you can have several variations with just one foot peeking out, ankles crossed, and many more. Grab the Newborn Posing reference guide here:    […]

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Newborn Props | How to prep a bucket

newborn props

Using newborn props is a sweet way of posing newborns for images that parents will love. But it is also one of the more tricky parts of newborn posing to master. Preparing the bucket or bowl correctly is key to ensuring the baby is safe and comfortable, and to ensure your images reflect that. In […]

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Newborn Backdrop Stand | Easy DIY using PVC pipes

Making a newborn backdrop stand is as easy as fitting a few PVC pipes and connectors together! Starting out in newborn photography doesn’t have to be expensive with this easy DIY to build your own frame for your newborn bean bag poser. You can find all the supplies at your local big box hardware store. […]

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