Been stalling on enews? (let's get started!)

As you know, Facebook is constantly changing, and recently, it has become harder and harder to reach your ‘fans.’

Let’s face it…it was a really nice free marketing platform for a couple years…but Facebook is a business, it’s their platform, and they can change if they want to.

So…how DO you reach your clients on a frequent basis?

While social media is still great, we have always been a big fan of email!

Why? It’s there for your clients when they have time to read it.

It’s not perfect though – email rules keep changing too.

And, with new filters being introduced to help ‘sort’ your mail, you will find yourself in promo tabs, spam filters and the such.

However, when your clients are expecting to hear from you, and you have something to brighten their day, they’ll open your email (at least sometimes!)

So the 2 things you need to get started with sending out an enews:
#1. A way to collect client (and potential client) contact info
#2. A service to send out regular emails

Let’s start with #1: “How do I build my email list?”

Great question!

First of all, we recommend adding a section to your client intake form that asks them if they would like to receive updates on special sessions, future openings, studio news, exclusive offers, etc.

For past clients, you can consider adding them to your list (and in the first enews you send out, let them know why they are receiving the email and give them an option to ‘unsubscribe)
ie: As a past valued client, I wanted to ensure you heard about exclusive offers, etc, etc – if you prefer to not receive any email updates, unsubscribe here)

Second – start BUILDING a list of potential new clients – by getting a ‘sign up’ form on your website.
(you can also link to your enews sign up form from facebook, blog posts, email signature etc)

BUT…what are they signing up for?

Here’s a few ideas to get your wheels turning…

  • your complete session pricing + planning guide
  • exclusive offers/special ‘add-on’ offer (we recommend add-ons vs ‘sales’ – but your marketing strategy will depend on your market!)
  • a free guide to taking better photos of your kids
  • 5 ways to display your family photos

Now – what service do you use to send the emails (and how are you actually ‘collecting email addresses?

There’s quite a few options out there, but here are our top 3 recommendations
#1. Mailchimp (free for up to 2,000 users)
#2. Mad Mimi – also free up to 2,500 users
#3. Aweber – while they don’t have a free option, if you want to be able to send ‘auto-sequences and move people between lists, it’s a robust solution).

If you are JUST getting started though…you might want to keep it simple with one of the top 2 options (you can be set up in 10 minutes!)

Our challenge for you this week is to think about what that “thing” is that people will be signing up for? Will it be your session guide? A free resource? Or, simply the opportunity to learn about upcoming exclusive offers?

AND set aside an hour or two and get your past client names + emails in a spreadsheet!

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