Hello newborn photographer!

Do you ever struggle with how to deliver your session info to your clients

(...and find yourself wasting too much time answering the same questions over and over?)

If so, I think you're going to love our Newborn Session Prep guide!


This fully customizable prep guide template was created specifically for newborn photographers
- and is a snap to customize within CANVA

Create an amazing client experience with this complete prep guide, answering common questions like, "When should I book?" "What should we wear?"  "What happens before, during and after the session?" and so much more!

Imagine crafting your custom guide in an hour or less! #YesPlease!

$59 USD
sale: $37 USD


Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Take back your time.

Grab your copy of The Newborn Session Prep Guide, customize, and get back to doing what matters the most to you.

There are 20 pre-built pages included for you to customize using CANVA!

$59 USD $37 USD