DIY: Create Your Own Star Jar

Create a little summer-time magic with your very own star jar!

Supplies needed:
Glass Jar
Star stickers
LED flameless tea lights
Frosting spray (or coloured spray paint)
Newspaper to cover painting surface1


Wash jar with soap and water and thoroughly dry
Place stickers on jar ensuring all edges are pressed down (if they are curled up the paint gets underneath and doesn’t make a perfect star) 2
Spray the  jar in a well ventilated area3
Wait at least 10 minutes
Give a second coat
Wait 10 minutes for it to dry (mine was in the sun so dried super fast) 4
Very gently peel off the stickers.
Place a LED tealight inside
imagine all the creative & fun ways you can use it!
Held by a child, hanging from trees, lining a path…



If you end up creating one, share a photo of your creation on facebook page!

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