Class filmed, edited and ready to share?


Checklist - Is my Video?

free from music

shot in landscape

in focus

clear and audible

wrapped up

Please export video files at minimum of 1280 × 720  (1920x1280 is even better)

WETRANSFER is the quickest for files up to 2GB


VIMEO - We can send you a guest login to upload directly to our vimeo account (that way you can export directly from your editing software).

DROPBOX - You can export the file to your computer then upload to Dropbox (share link with

Note: video can take a LONG time to upload.

If you have any questions on how to export the file, reach out and we can give you specific info based on the software you are using!


Submit Promo Images from your Teaching Video

Please also submit 4-6 edited images from your video for promo
>> Upload Images here

Is there anything else you would like listed on your teacher page?