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Ready to take amazing 

Ready to take amazing

You love photographing newborns.

(In fact, it's your bliss).


Well, it would be (and will be!) once you can figure out how to create the images you see in your mind.

You know the pose you are trying to achieve.

You've watched some YouTube videos and browsed Pinterest, but you're tired of fumbling your way through your newborn sessions.

You know you were made for this, but you still have questions like...

  • how do you book sessions when you don't know when the baby will be born?
  • how do you make sure the babies are safe? 
  • what do I actually need to get started?
  • how exactly do I position the baby into each pose?
  • what is the best order to do the poses?
  • what do my clients need to know before the session?

I get it. I had the exact same questions.

After photographing 1,000 newborns over the past 10 years, I've learned a lot!

Imagine walking into a newborn session feeling totally confident knowing exactly how to safely pose your little client and where to position yourself for the best image.

You know exactly how to book your sessions and what to say to clients to prepare them.

Your clients rave about their experience and editing no longer takes over your life!

You WILL get there.  And I want to help you get there - quicker!

That's why I created this step-by-step online video course...

Newborn Essentials Masterclass

Newborn Essentials Masterclass: Learn Newborn Photography online

 It's over 10 hours of instruction on how to safely pose, style, shoot and edit your natural-light newborn sessions so you can confidently create beautiful images and start charging what you're worth.   

Here's what you'll find inside...

1: Studio Essentials + Baby Safety

We'll cover the what you need to get started, including:

  • gear you need
  •  essential items for your studio
  • props considerations
  • styling tips,
  • pre-session checklists
  • safety considerations when working with newborns.

2: Detailed Posing Instruction

Enjoy bite-sized videos to showing these poses with our posing doll.

Beanbag Poses

  • Taco
  • Tushie Up
  • Chin-on-Wrists
  • Side Lay
  • Huck Finn
  • Simple Swaddle

Prop Poses

  • Wrapped
  • Chin on Wrists in Prop
  • Wrapped in Bowl 

  • Parent Poses +Sibling Poses are covered in the behind-the-scenes videos.

We'll also cover best angles for each pose and tips on natural light placement.

3: Behind-the-Scenes Videos

These videos show you behind-the-scenes at 2 different newborn sessions so you can see the posing in action, as well as pick up tips on interacting with clients and guiding parents during parent posing.  

4: Editing Workflow + Techniques

In this collection of videos, you'll pick up tips on how to refine your culling and sorting process, streamline your editing workflow, and learn how to edit common problems you'll encounter, such as jaundice, red skin, and  flaky skin.

5: Client Communication Tips

From how you book your sessions, (when you don't know when they'll be born!), to a client workflow to keep your sanity, you'll also get pre/during/post session checklists to help you streamline your process.

BONUS: Private Facebook Community

Newborn Essentials Masterclass: Learn Newborn Photography online

Along with your fellow students, you'll also enjoy access to a community mentor available to offer specific feedback and guidance to improve.

No drama found here!  Good vibes only.

Why do our students LOVE our {online} classes?

Learn from home
(No travel - required! Hurray!)

Watch on YOUR schedule
(with downloadable videos too!)

Positive Facebook Community
(a drama-free place to connect!)

(Over 20,000 photographers have taken our online training)

It’s time to start taking photos that you and your clients love.

Can you really learn newborn photography online?
Check out these past student transformations...

If they can do it, so can you. 

Maybe you'll be the first transformation we share for this new class?

So now you have 2 choices...

#1. You can keep wasting time and effort trying to figure it out on your own.


#2. You can learn the fundamentals of newborn photography FAST so you can start creating images that you and your clients will LOVE.

Where do you want to be 6 months from now?

If you are ready to feel more confident in your newborn sessions, I know this video course will help you get there faster.

In fact, I guarantee it - literally.

If you feel the course doesn't deliver, you're covered by our 100% money-back guarantee*

Newborn Essentials Masterclass: Learn Newborn Photography online

Created by a Photographer
Who Cares About Other Photographers.

If we haven't met yet - hello!  I'm Lisa of Milk & Honey Photography and founder of The Milky Way.

When I first got started with photography, I so badly wanted to learn from others.  However,  I simply couldn't take time away from my family (and business) to travel to in-person events.  

Plus...I found my brain could only absorb so much info before what I'm learning goes in one ear and out the other (...and I also suffered from so much self doubt).

That's why I created online classes that you can watch on YOUR schedule and connect with a positive group of like-minded photographers - all from the comfort of home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I HAVE to be online at a certain time?  Nope - you can watch on your own schedule! 

Can I download the video?  Yes - you can download the videos so you have them for life - and you'll be able to able to access the info on our private member site for as long as this class continues to run! 

*Is there a Facebook community for the masterclass?  Yes.  We'll be hosting a bonus Facebook group.  Please note, this  community is a bonus - not a paid part of the Newborn Masterclass experience.  To participate, there is a set of community guidelines to follow (basically - be awesome!), but those who are not awesome, will be asked to leave.

Is this subtitled? Not at this time.

What currency is the price?  USD

Is this different than the Newborn Retreat?  Yes.  Our retreats bring together a diverse range of instructors to share on a variety of topics and is more an enrichment experience.
 This class is more of an A-Z approach designed with those new to newborn photography in mind, so it will walk you through all the things you need to know when getting started.  Lisa from Milk & Honey photography is the instructor.  If you already have experience, the Newborn Retreat might be the right option for you!

Is this beginner-friendly? Yes!  While we don't cover the basics of understanding your camera, shooting in manual, etc, we will walk you through all the steps I use in my newborn session (from booking to delivery of images)

Does this cover studio lighting?  No. We will be using natural light throughout this masterclass, because we know everyone has access to that!  Light placement is the same if you prefer to use studio lighting.

Is this professionally filmed? Nope! We're not winning any film-awards here, but we aim to show you exactly what you need to see in order to learn!

* Do you have a money-back guarantee? Yes. If you feel the class doesn't live up to the description, shoot us a note with your homework (as the class only works if YOU do), and we'll refund your registration!

Is there tax added?  If you have the good fortune of living in Canada, then yes, there will be tax charged. If your business is registered, it is more of a 'paper shuffle' with the CRA vs added cost.  If you don't have a business tax ID, we know tax can seem like a bummer, but think of all the wonderful things it healthcare tops our list!


Ready to take better newborn photos?

Still have questions? Email us at lisa (@)

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