Learn newborn photography from home and shorten your learning curve with...

The Newborn Essentials



Over 6 hours of video instruction to guide you on...

Baby Safety | Newborn Posing  |  Prop + Parent Posing  |  Angles + Lighting  |  Editing

Regular: $̶2̶9̶7̶ ̶U̶S̶D̶

  • Watch detailed posing instruction (with a doll and real babies)
  • Learn the best angles + light placement for each pose.
  • Discover the gear, equipment and props you need so you don’t waste money on things you don't.
  • Learn simple editing steps for tricky newborn skin so you can speed up your workflow.

Here's what

you'll find inside...

NEM - Module 1-min

1: Studio Essentials + Baby Safety

We'll cover what you need to get started, including:

  • gear you need
  • essential items for your studio
  • prop considerations
  • styling tips
  • pre-session checklists
  • baby safety
NEM - Module 2-min

2: Step-by-Step Posing Instruction

Enjoy bite-sized videos where I break down each pose so you can practice along.
We'll cover...

Beanbag Poses

  • Taco
  • Tushie Up
  • Chin-on-Wrists
  • Side Lay
  • Huck Finn
  • Simple Swaddle

Prop Poses

  • Wrapped
  • Chin on Wrists in Prop
  • Wrapped in Bowl 
  • Parent Poses +Sibling Poses are covered in the behind-the-scenes videos.

We'll also cover best angles for each pose and tips on natural light placement.

NEM - Module 3-min

3: Behind-the-scenes of Actual Sessions

These videos show you behind-the-scenes at 2 different newborn sessions so you can see the posing steps with real babies, as well as tips on interacting with clients and guiding parents during parent posing.

NEM - Module 4-min

4: Editing Workflow + Techniques

Learn tips on...

  •  how to refine your culling and sorting process
  • streamlining your editing workflow
  • common problems you'll encounter with newborn editing, such as jaundice, red skin, and  flaky skin.

Can you really

learn newborn posing online?

Newborn Essentials Before and After
Newborn Essentials Before and After

I'll let these past student transformations

speak for themselves...

Hey Lovely02

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a Photographer Who Cares About Other Photographers.

When I first got started, I so badly wanted to learn from others.  However,  I simply couldn't take time away from my family (and business) to travel to in-person events.

Plus...I found my brain could only absorb so much info before what I'm learning goes in one ear and out the other (...and I also suffered from so much self doubt).

Can you relate?

After photographing over 1,200 newborns, I slowly discovered what it takes - and that's exactly what you'll learn inside the Newborn Essentials Masterclass.


The Newborn Essentials



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