Promoter Guidelines


Rules my friend!   Please be sure to read this in its entirety and ask if you are unclear about anything so I don't have to go all "bad cop" on you! 😉


Before signing up as a promoter via Thrivecart, please be sure you have read, understood and agree to play within these guidelines. 

We're all about personal responsibility and clear boundaries, and we want to be sure this feels fun, light and playful for you - and our team!

How do affiliate links work?

You will receive a unique link (via ThriveCart) to share with your audience.  To simplify the process, we'll provide you with a short n' pretty link.

When someone clicks on your link, before it directs them to your custom teacher sales page, it leaves a tracking code on their computer/device, so if that person buys within 90 days of clicking your link, the sale is tracked back to you.  You receive 50% of all sales tracked from your link.

IMPORTANT: The sale is credited to the last affiliate link clicked just prior to the purchase, based on the device/computer they used ​when they clicked link.

You MUST copy + paste the affiliate link exactly as we provide it to you.

It will look like this

Do NOT put the link we give you in your web browser, see where it directs you and then grab THAT link to share.

Please note: NO technology is perfect and we rely on the reporting of our system (ThriveCart). If you think this may cause you stress, let's discuss if being a promoter is a good fit - because quite honestly, if it's going to cause you stress, it's going to cause our team stress! (...and we're wrinkly enough on our own - haha)

Sound good to you?

Check out this video from 2021 if you need some extra help

(note: if you already have a ThriveCart account, you login with that info, otherwise, create a new username/password.  Your studio name makes a good username as it will show up in your link!)

If you are unclear of anything, please reach out to Erin or Corinne at [email protected] so she can answer your questions!

Status Update Ideas​

We highly recommend tweaking these to match your brand and personality!

(You're one of a kind...also, Facebook throws a bit of a fit when multiple people post the same thing at the same time!)



Starts 10AM PST on November 1st. 

If sharing, please be sure to use your special link exactly as you see it.

You also can give one ticket specifically to your fans during the giveaway - but they must have entered the official giveaway as well.

You can decide how people qualify to win your free ticket.

They can comment on a FB post, post an image, comment on Instagram or sign-up for your list, etc.

For the graphic, you can use one of ours, modify your own using our templates or simply use a regular photo (vs promo graphic)>

And here’s a couple post ideas you can use
(recommend updating to match your brand and personality)


Did someone say GIVEAWAY?

Win a FREE ticket to the 2024 {online} Newborn Retreat, where you’ll learn alongside me and many other talented photographers (all from the comfort of your home!)

NO travel required!
Enter to win here: >> (your link)
Then, for a special chance to win for (YOUR STUDIO NAME) fans-only, comment below on one thing you are excited to learn at the retreat and we’ll choose a random winner!
*Winners announced November 8th
:: Contest not associated with Facebook/Instagram ::



Win a FREE ticket to the new 2024 {online} Newborn Retreat!

Step 1: Enter to win here >> (your link)
Step 2: Then, post a recent photo of something you are working on below, and I’ll randomly select one of (STUDIO NAME) fans to win a bonus ticket!
*Winners announced Nov 8th via email (and I’ll DM my fan-winner).

:: Contest not associated with Facebook/Instagram ::


Want to win a FREE ticket to the 2024 {online} Newborn Retreat?
Step 1: Enter to win here >> (your link)
Step 2: Tell me in the comments below which session you are most excited about! (besides mine of course...haha)
*Winners announced Nov 8th.
:: Contest not associated with Facebook ::

November Sale (Nov 8th, 10AM PST - 15th, 11:59PM PST)

Is 2024 the year to shine as a newborn + maternity photographer?

The early-bird sale is on now for the 2024 {online} Newborn Retreat, where you'll learn alongside me and 25 other photographers (all from the comfort of home!) NO travel required!

See the full teacher line-up and grab your seat here >> (insert your link)

Are you joining me for the 2024 {online} Newborn Retreat?
It all happens online Jan 24th - Feb 13th, 2024 and tickets are now on sale for $297 USD (save $100!)

26 instructors sharing newborn + maternity posing, wrapping and styling, editing and more to help inspire your newborn and maternity photography!

You get to learn from the comfort of home AND download the videos so you have them for life!

Get the full scoop here {insert YOUR link}

You + Me + 25 other newborn + maternity photographers = FUN TIMES!

Do you have your ticket for the 2024 {online} Newborn Retreat?
If not, you can get it here: {insert link}
Learn newborn + maternity posing ideas, wrapping, editing + more!
It all happens online Jan 24th - Feb 13th, 2024 (but you don't have to be online at a specific time - hurray! - it works for all time-zones and schedules!)

Here are Some Ideas to Promote the Retreat

  1. Do a Facebook Live

Facebook loves live video right now and gives it great reach. Hop on a Facebook live to do a Q&A with your fans, or chat about a specific topic.

During the broadcast, talk about what you are teaching about during the Retreat, and share a few other teachers/topics you are excited about. Include your affiliate link in the comments (or have one of your super fans help you out by doing so while you are live.)

Once it has ended, go back in to edit the post to include your affiliate link for people who are watching the replay (this is a great one to run ads to).


  1. Send an email

Email isn't dead! If you have an email list, be sure to send out an email to your audience (or past retreat/workshop attendees). You could share a tip that you found has been working well during your sessions and/or in your business right now, along with a summary of what you are teaching at the retreat (and/or some other teachers).

You have a chance to preview the videos, so watch a few and share what you are excited about!


  1. Schedule a Live Q&A with Lisa

Hop on a live Q&A with Lisa - you can then share this interview to your page and include your affiliate link.


  1. Run Facebook Ads (to targeted fans/groups)

  1. Get your audience/circle of friends involved!

Have great vendor relationships or super fans? Are you in a Facebook group that allows sharing of workshops/events?Ask them to help you promote the retreat (and give them your affiliate link to share).


  1. Create a little 'sneak peek' video (AND/OR) share the Retreat Promo video (in January)

You'll find a promo video in the Dropbox folder in January. Share this on FB/email/in your groups or create your own little promo. People get excited to see a behind-the-scenes look!  But before then, you can share little peeks at your own behind-the-scenes on filming day.


  1. Write a Blog Post about the Retreat

Enjoy writing? Have a blog? Try writing a short piece about the retreat and how you feel it will help people boost their confidence, improve their posing, editing, marketing and more. At the end of the piece (or in the middle!), include your affiliate link. Run a FB post to the blog post (FB tends to favour links that aren't going directly to a sales page).