Ready to master newborn lighting?

In this 1-hour workshop, I'll show you how to use natural light in your newborn sessions correctly, so you can get that creamy newborn skin clients love and...

Spend less time focusing on the back of your camera (and more time focusing on your clients)

Cut down your editing time (because you'll get it right in camera)

Avoid common lighting mistakes (that detract from your image)


Save yourself months of trial & error and sifting through endless YouTube videos!

 $99  sale: $49 USD

Unlimited Replays. 

Learn to Light Newborns Correctly.

A little secret not a lot of newborn photographers realize is that when you get your lighting right in camera, it makes everything so much easier - and so much faster.  

 Let me save you hours of frustration and months of trial and error and show you exactly how to create the poses you love

Inside this workshop, you'll learn how to light...

#1. The Sidelay Pose


Avoid common mistakes such as up-lighting, eye pocket shadows, flat lighting and more.  Simple tweaks will make a big imapact.

#2. The Taco Pose


Learn the common pitfalls in lighting this pose, and also walk away with an understanding of how to use angles to increase your variety with minimal movement to your wee client.

#3. The Huck-Finn Pose


This pose can offer a lot of variety in your gallery and by adding different wraps, hats and little stuffies, you can change up the look easily.

#4. The Chin-on-Wrists Pose


This is one of my favourite poses!

#5. Aerial Images with Props


I'm not sure what it is about aerial images that trips us up! The most common mistakes are uplighting and dark eye pockets. Learn how to create a range of looks your clients will love.

#6. Forward-facing Props


This one can be tricky - especially if your wee client insists on leaning one way or the other.  But once you know what to look for, this one's a breeze!

#7. Criss-Cross Wrap (in Prop)


Another client favourite. This one is great when baby doesn't want to settle into other poses. The wrap settles them and allows you to change up with hats, stuffies, angles

#8. Parent Posing


So now you've nailed the lighting for newborns, but what about adding in the parent?  In this video, I'll cover the key things to watch out for when adding in the big people.

PLUS...we're unlocking our baby saftey video.


BONUS:  Newborn Safety Video

This is not a niche where you just want to 'wing it.'

Often times the image you see from other photographers has been created using a series of images, called a composite.

Learn the key safety tips that every newborn photographer should know when starting out to keep your clients safe.

Lighting matters.  In fact, it can make or break your image.

You probably already know this. 

But, what's not so obvious is WHERE to position newborns for all the different poses, prop images, parent poses and more.

That's exactly what you'll discover inside this on-demand video workshop.

Enjoy INSTANT access!

(and watch + rewatch as much as you need!)

Regular: $99 USD sale: $49


If we haven't met yet...

I'm Lisa of Milk & Honey Photography and I'm so glad you're here.

When I got into the world of photography, there were a lot of tears (not the happy kind!) And I felt really alone (and frustrated!)

I remember seeing the poses I wanted to do but having no idea HOW to position the baby.

Let me save your hours of frustration and months of trial and error and show you exactly how to create the poses you love

100% Money Back


Worried about paying for a workshop that doesn't deliver?

We get it!  We’ve been there and it hurts!   That's why you are covered with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

If you don't feel this has helped you understand how to light newborns with natural light, shoot us a note within 7 days of purchase for a prompt refund.


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$49 USD

Enjoy INSTANT access!

(and watch + rewatch as much as you need!)

Regular: $99 USD sale: $49