About us – The Milky Way – a photographer's resource


Does this sound familiar? You love taking photos. (And you’re pretty good at it.) So you started a business. And things were going well.

Then you started looking at everybody else.

“How did she get her lighting like that?”
“Why can’t I get my newborns posed that way?”
“Am I the only one who needs 6 more hours in a day?”

You are not alone.  But I realize it can feel that way sometimes.

When I got into the world of newborn photography, there were a lot of tears (not the happy kind!)  And I felt really alone (and frustrated!)

I created The Milky Way to be a safe and supportive place to improve your photography skills (and confidence!) through our online classes + retreats and free weekly inspiration.

And to connect with a community that cares.  Yes.  Really cares (and who believes we can enjoy different versions of success).  If that sounds like your kind of community, I hope you’ll join us!

What’s with the name?

This space originally was created as a way for Lisa to share the best tips and tricks she’s learned from photographing over 500 precious newborns in the first five and a half years of her business, Milk & Honey Photography. (Hence, the name “Milky Way.”) Before we knew it, the tips and tricks grew into online classes, posing guides and collaborations with an incredible group of instructors

Over the four years, over 8,320 amazing students have joined us to learn (and through our ‘Take a Class, Give A Class” giving-back program, we’ve been able to help fund the education of hundreds of children in West Africa!)

Our mission is to offer photographers a safe, uplifting space to:

  • LEARN – through our library of beginner-friendly online retreat + courses
  • GROW – through connecting + sharing in our Facebook groups, and
  • FIND INSPIRATION – through our free weekly love notes with tips, tricks + fun little freebies!

To stay connected, sign up for your love notes below (we’ll send a welcome gift!).

We are so happy to have you!

Love Lisa

Meet Team Milky Way

Lisa DiGeso, founder + owner of Milk & Honey Photography

For the past few years, Lisa has been busy photographing beautiful mamas, over 600 newborns, countless cake-smashes, toddlers and families. She enjoys connecting with and inspiring new photographers on their journey (and while ‘the Milky Way’ was never in the original plan – what ever is! – she’s so glad you are here now )

Random facts you don’t need to know: Lisa LOVES cheesy holiday movies. In fact she will only watch romantic comedies.

She is actually quite shy (but you would never know it from her videos!)


Erin Brûlé, the not-so-silent partner at The Milky Way

With a Bachelor of Commerce tucked in her pocket, Erin is determined to prevent photographer burnout by encouraging photographers to focus on the business side of things just as much as the artistic (even if they think it is way less fun).

Random facts you don’t need to know: Erin is scared of the dark.  As in, really, really scared of the dark.  She wishes she would have listened  when her mom told her not to watch scary movies.

She also used to pick lemons in Australia.  It wasn’t a long career. 2 days to be exact.


Melissa GainesMelissa Gaines, Happiness Advocate + Team Saint

Melissa is our fairy godmother of student happiness. With the patience of a saint, she can help trouble shoot any issues around getting logged in to access your classes, figure out download issues, assist with payment options and pretty much anything you might need assistance with!




Rochelle Hepworth

Rochelle Hepworth, Happiness Advocate + Digital Dynamo

As a former student of The Milky Way and photographer, there’s a good chance Rochelle can assist with technical issues, but also questions around gear, lighting and photography resources.  With the eyes of an eagle, Rochelle can spot a typo a mile away, and keeps the ‘creative minds’ in order (at least she tries!)




Leah Woods,  Community Mentor

If you have a question in one of our Facebook groups, there’s a good chance Leah has answered it!  As a former student who blew us away with her dedication to helping other students, we were lucky to have Leah formally join our team as a Community Mentor.

Check out Leah’s work here