About us - The Milky Way - a photographer's resource

If we haven't met yet, I'm Lisa!

When I got into the world of newborn photography, there were a lot of tears (not the happy kind!)  and I felt really alone (and frustrated).

I created The Milky Way to be a safe and supportive place to improve your photography skills (and confidence!) through our online classes + retreats, our YouTube channel and free weekly lovenotes delivered to your inbox.

I'm passionate about creating communities where new and experienced photographers can connect with one another in a positive, drama-free space. And I LOVE that through our take a class, give a class giving program, we've been able to help fund the education for hundreds of children in Guinea + Kenya.

I just want to remind you that if I can do it, so can you.  

I started with absolutely ZERO knowledge about my camera, lighting, posing or editing. But with patience, passion and some mentors who gave me a hand-up, my work has improved (and continues to improve) and so has my confidence.

I look forward to being a part of YOUR photography journey!

Some Random Facts About Me

I LOVE (and I do mean LOVE) cheesy rom-coms.

Hot yoga is my happy place (though I'm sad to say it's the first thing to go when I get busy).

I believe in collaboration over competition.

I've photographed close to 1,000 newborns and welcomed over 16,000 students to our classes and retreats  (#grateful).

Let's get social!

So what's with the name "Milky Way?"

Fair question..."The Milky Way" doesn't exactly seem like a likely name candidate for a photography school. This space originally was created as a way for me to share the best tips and tricks I've learned from photographing over 1,000 precious newborns in the first five and a half years of my business, Milk & Honey Photography. The name “Milky Way” was just a fun play on words because I was sharing the 'milk and honey' way of doing things).

 I never imagined it would grow to include online Retreats with thousands of students and close to a hundred different instructors...if I would have known, maybe I would have picked something else. Or maybe not! 🙂   

Meet the Team

I definitely couldn't do this on my own!  Along with the collaborations with close to 100 other fabulous teachers in our online retreats, we have (and have had) incredible people help us on our journey!  Here's a few friendly faces you may find yourself connecting with! 

Erin Brule,  the-decidedly-NOT-silent-partner

It's hard to describe what she does. Stuff. Lots of stuff (except stay silent...she never does that!)

Random facts you don’t need to know: Erin is scared of the dark.  As in, really, really scared of the dark.  She also used to pick lemons in Australia.  It wasn’t a long career. 2 days to be exact.

Rochelle Hepworth

Rochelle Hepworth, Digital Dynamo

Whether it's researching our YouTube episodes, crafting articles or doing any of the million other tasks we throw her way, this former-Milky Way student-turned digital dynamo shines her light!

Corinne Schelle, Team Unicorn 

Brand-spanking new to the team, Corrine will be found helping our amazing students access their retreats and downloads to trying to keep me and my biz partner on task (no small request!) (and a thousand things we haven't told her yet...shh!) 

Leah Woods,  Community Mentor

If you have a question in one of our Facebook groups, there’s a good chance Leah has answered it!  As a former student who blew us away with her dedication to helping other students, we were lucky to have Leah formally join our team as a Community Mentor.

Check out Leah’s work here