Hello lovely photographer!

Do you ever struggle with deciding what to post on social media?

(...and find yourself wasting waaaay too much time on it!)


If your hand's up, you aren't alone!

And that's exactly why we created The Social Fix - a social media toolkit and calendar created specifically for newborn and family photographers


Inside you'll get access to a collection of 275 questions, prompts, quotes, and story ideas for Facebook, Instagram, and even your email marketing!

Imagine planning out your entire month of social posts over a cup of coffee! #YesPlease!

$79 USD
sale: $37 USD


Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Take back your time.

Grab your copy of The Social Fix, customize, schedule and get back to doing what matters the most to you.

There's over 275 post ideas, prompts, + quotes included in 7 different categories in our Post Bank.

It's like having a social media assistant in your back pocket!

$79 USD $37 USD