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Ready to Stop Fiddling with Your Lights​
(...and shorten your editing time?)

This class will help you - FAST.

Studio Lighting for Newborns by the Milky Way

Instant Access | Downloadable Videos  | Lighting Diagram Guide included

If you are tired of inconsistent results (and feeling intimidated by gear!)  and ready to love your lights, this online course will show you my EXACT light placement  - so you can focus on your newborn posing, not the back of your camera!  

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    Learn the lighting gear you need and how to use it.
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    Discover where to place the light  for every.single. newborn.pose.
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    Shorten your editing time (um...yes please!)

$299 USD 
sale: $197 USD (or 2 monthly payments of $99!)

Save $100!

In this online class, I'll show you EXACTLY where to place the light for every.single.newborn. pose.

And I'll guide you through my recommended gear list and show you how to use it.

Want to know what camera and light settings I use?  

I'll show you that too - but you'll also be armed with figuring out your preferred settings.

And trust me, once you figure out what you love, lighting your sessions will become second nature.

$299 USD 
sale: $197 USD (or 2 monthly payments of $99!)

What are students saying?

So how exactly does this class work?

Upon registration, you receive a login to our member site where you'll get INSTANT access to the ​on-demand video course.

All the videos are recorded so you can watch them on YOUR schedule (and in your time zone!)  

You also have the option of downloading all the videos and PDFs so you can learn on the go without needing an internet connection.  

What's inside?


Worried about spending money on a class that doesn't deliver?

We get it!  We’ve been there and it hurts!   That's why you are covered with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

If you feel the class doesn’t deliver, simply send us a copy of your completed homework within 30 days (because the course only works if you do!)  and we’ll refund your registration!

Ready to end the lighting struggle? 

$299 USD 
sale: $197 USD (or 2 monthly payments of $99!)

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have any studio lighting yet, can I still take the course?
Yes! In fact, you may very well be AHEAD of the game, as we are going to lay out exactly what we use (and don’t use!) in our studio. We’ll also give you tips on where to buy great gear for a low price! You will also have access to the course info for life, so you will be able to go back to do the lessons/exercises once you have the gear!

Whether you prefer strobe lights (the ones that flash), continuous lights, or natural light, the set-ups and principles are the same.

How do I access the course materials?
When you sign up, you'll get instant access to our member site where you can watch on YOUR schedule (and you can download them, so you can watch them on the go!)

What is the price and is there tax added?
 $297 USD. If you have the good fortune of living in Canada…yes, you will be charged GST (or HST). I know tax can seem like a bummer…but think of all the amazing things we get to enjoy because of it! FREE healthcare tops our list! 

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