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Please be sure you have read, understood and agree to play within these guidelines. 

We're all about personal responsibility and clear boundaries, and we want to be sure this feels fun, light and playful for you - and our team!

How do affiliate links work?

You will receive a unique link (via ThriveCart) to share with your audience.

When someone clicks on your link, before it redirects them to our website, it leaves a tracking code on their computer/device.

If that person buys within 30 days of clicking your link, the sale is tracked back to you.  You receive 25% of all sales tracked from your link, paid out automatically via Paypal 14 days after the sale.


You MUST copy and paste the affiliate link exactly as you see it inside of ThriveCart.

Any easy way to remember is this - if you don't see the word "thrivecart" in your link, it's the wrong link!

It'll look something like: https://YOURAFFILIATEID--themilkyway.thrivecart.com/product/



Please note: NO technology is perfect and we rely on the reporting of our system (ThriveCart). If you think this may cause you stress, let's discuss if being a promoter is a good fit - because quite honestly, if it's going to cause you stress, it's going to cause our team stress! (...and we're wrinkly enough on our own - haha)


Have another question?  Email us at lisa@themilkyway.ca