Your results are in...

are you ready?


Your super-powers are...

The Soulful Creative


You are talented, engaging and driven.


And you are creating art - not just capturing memories...

Unafraid to create unique and one-of-a-kind portraits, your creativity is fueled by experimenting with new things.

Yes, you create beautiful portraits, but it's so much more than that...

Your talent in bringing the soul to light - it's magic.

You love learning new techniques, trying on different styles and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Don't be afraid to be unapologetically you and show off YOUR art from your heart.

What's YOUR Superpower?

Here's a few things to watch out for...

(aka: your kryptonite)


One thing to keep in mind when doing client work is to ask more questions and let your clients do more of the talking

(...if they seem to be in the mood!)

At times you may find yourself so focused on the art, your clients may find themselves in an awkward silence unsure of what they are supposed to do.  

As a creative that thrives on the may find yourself easily bored, fall into the comparison trap, or even frustrated that your work doesn't look like your heroes.

If that happens, lovingly remind yourself that you are a unique artist, and we all see the world through totally different lenses. 

Of course, I’m going to guess you already knew these things about you.  Perhaps this will just give you permission to fully embrace YOUR strengths and let more of that shine in your sessions.

“You KNOW how to make people

feel special!”


Where to from here?

(‘cause girl, I KNOW you have big plans for your future success!)

Step One

Make a learning plan.

It’s easy to hop from one YouTube tutorial to the next, learning a bit of this a bit of that, and fully understanding very little. Decide the area that is holding you back, and get to work on that. Find a trusted mentor/teacher/group to help.

Step Two

Practice, practice, practice.

One of the mistakes that can happen easily for those of us who love learning is forgetting to practice what we learn. Because let’s face it - watching a video and DOING the thing...especially when it comes to newborn posing are two very different things.

Make sure you schedule practice sessions (even if it’s with a doll!) as you are learning new skills.

Step Three

Ask for feedback

​This is so.darn.hard. But girl, let me tell you, nothing is going to help you start seeing your work in a new light and see your weak spots quicker than putting yourself out for critique. HOWEVER - and this is key -make sure you are putting yourself out there in groups that are there to lift you up (not tear you down). Yes, you can get a less than stellar critique - AND still feel supported.

If you ever find yourself in a group where you feel less-than, or belittled, get out fast and find a group of positive peers (ahem...we happen to have the best communities on the planet! 😉 )

Here's a few more

important tips



Be mindful that what you show is what you want to photograph.

Does your website/social media posts reflect the types of images that you want to capture? The images you show will attract the clients that will resonate with it.


Ensure you are taking time to work ON your business not just IN it.

We’re artists - but we’re also business owners - and when things get busy, it’s easy to find ourselves putting off the activities we know we *should* be doing because we find ourselves in a cycle of ‘shoot - edit - repeat.’


Don’t forget to take care of YOU.

While we’re artists and business owners, we’re also humans, and as one of my mentors says, “we’re human BEINGS, not human doings.” So don’t forget to take time to recharge, refuel and enjoy the simple pleasures of life (whatever brings YOU joy!)

Hello lovely!

Lisa DiGeso

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I remember feeling so alone (and overwhelmed) when I was getting started and I know it doesn’t have to be that way.

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So what's next? So happy you asked!

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