Photography Marketing … From The Heart with Julie Christie

Too many people think that creative entrepreneurs have to struggle with photography marketing. Julie Christie dispels that notion with thought-provoking, actionable tips to align your photography marketing and business processes with your own heart and personality.

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There’s a phrase that we hear often in our industry,

“Charge what you are worth “

While the concept is about valuing yourself and getting paid for your time and your art, honestly… I think it’s a little confusing (and misleading!)

Because it can start to feel like we are tying our identity and self-value to what we are being paid

… and that my friend, is no bueno.

Your worth doesn’t have a price tag.

You are worthy just because you are alive
… because you are unique and amazing and completely you.

So when we hear ‘charge what you are worth’ – remember it’s a slippery slope of losing our identity and falling into that dark space of not feeling worthy, not feeling enough.

Let me reiterate this…

You are enough as a valuable artist and human being, just by being you.

Not by the dollar amount you charge your clients.

When we tie our identities to our businesses it can lead you down some really dark places.


Inquiries that seem super excited because they love your work and then completely disappear when you send the price list
can set you off in a tailspin of feeling ultra rejection

…and our brains can sometimes automatically assume it’s because we aren’t good enough.

Which in turn sets off a catastrophic chain of events that leads you down a self-loathing Instagram rabbit hole, comparing yourself to other photographers and crying into ice cream or wine in the bathroom


So instead of saying, “charge what we are worth”

… let’s change it and say, “Charge to be profitable”

Because sweetheart, you deserve to be paid for your time and your talents because they are valuable.

But it has nothing to do with you being valuable as a human.

Now, it is INCREDIBLY important to know your numbers – and the kind of business YOU want.

(notice I said the business YOU want…not what the photographer down the road is doing, or what other people in a Facebook group are doing).

There are so many variables that go into a business… different business models, commercial space vs home studio vs on location, In-Person Sales vs All-Inclusive Pricing.

The list goes on and on.

But, you do need to get clear on what YOU want and then create an action plan to get there!

This week, I’m joined by Julie Christie of Togs in Business who is passionate about helping photographers create businesses that light them up.

In this episode on the Art & Soul Show, you’ll discover…

how to price yourself profitably from the start (or how to revamp pricing now)3 marketing tips you can implement right away to make the business side of your photography biz enjoyable (for real!)

And she dives deeper into the necessary mindset shift to avoid tying your self-worth to your business and so much more!

I’m sending you all my love, light, high fives and donkey kicks – celebrating the wonderful human you are!


Introduction (2:25)

How do you realize your worth as a photographer? (4:15)

I don’t like the saying “Charge what you’re worth”. Attaching your photography price to your self worth can be messy. The work we do is not priceless – it has a value, and it can change over time. Dig really deep into your money blocks, understand them, then put time in to minimize them.

How to price yourself profitably right from the start? (10:40)

Understand positioning – what it is about you or your brand that is a deal clincher for your ideal client? If you can think how you are better, it will help you psychologically put a good price on it. Also remember that it’s not about price – it’s about profit. You can charge a low price, but then don’t give away too much.

What are the 3 biggest photography marketing tips that you can implement right away? (21:11)

1. Nurture the relationships you already have. Give your clients an amazing customer experience.

2. Have and use an email list

3. Create and use key content

How do you make the business side of photography enjoyable? (30:42)

It happens when you create a business that aligns completely with your personality. When you start out, take a few personality tests and become really self-aware, and then build a business for YOUR personality.

Where do you start creating a photography marketing campaign? (34:48)

People will need to go on a journey and have touchpoints with you before they book you, so visibility is so important, and campaigns will give that buzz around your business. Decide what you want to achieve in the next quarter, build a campaign around that and focus all your energy on that one campaign.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt in your business? (41:57)

Simplicity – to not overcomplicate things.

Speed Round! (43:27)

What are you artistically curious about? (46:16)

I’m always curious about people.

Discover more about Julie Christie
Julie Christie is a teacher, photographer and marketing geek who inspires and empowers photographers to become heroic marketers for their own business. She’s also a lover of cheesy jokes and rum cocktails. Her idea of heaven is chilling on the couch with a full-size German Shorthaired Pointer on her lap.

Resources shared in this episode:

Playing Big – Tara Mohr –
Denise Duffield Thomas
Jen Sincero –
Boundry Boss – Terri Cole –
Dare to Lead – Brene Brown –

Masterclass –

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