We're so excited you are joining us for the Newborn Essentials Masterclass!


Here's what to do next...

#1. Check for

your confirmation email!


If it doesn't arrive within 10 minutes, please email  lisa@themilkyway.ca

The Milky Way

Here's a few reasons it

might not arrive....

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A. There's a typo in your email address.

.con, photograpy, gnail, hotmaik...

It happens. We can fix it - easy peasy.


B. It's hiding in Spam (or promo tab)

Sometimes that email gets a little shy and tries to hide!  If you do a search for subject line: "Success! Newborn Essentials Masterclass (next steps!)" you often can find it!


C. Tech gremlins (or mercury is in retrograde)

Sometimes technology just seems to fail and we don't have a good explanation!  Please don't panic + submit a fraud claim, we'll get you sorted out! (We've had over 20,000 students take our retreats, we're legit - promise!)

#2. Look for


(it should arrive 5 minutes after the confirmation email!)

Newborn Essentials Masterclass