Digital Marketing Superstar


You love online marketing…in fact, you might be teetering on obsession (in a healthy way!)  

Your track record of shattering lead targets is often the envy of your peers.

And getting to play with funnels, conversion optimization, list building strategies, analytics, and online launches is totally in your wheelhouse

We need someone who’s experienced in online marketing

...and ready to dive in headfirst to get our online photography school in front of the people we can help the most.

Working directly alongside the co-owners, you'll be responsible for refining and executing marketing strategies across multiple channels, including organic social media, email marketing and PPC campaigns.

We want someone who's not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.

Staying current in what’s going on in the digital marketing landscape is a bit of a hobby (I’m guessing your swipe file is overflowing with ideas you would love to try).

You’re an action-taker, constantly learning, iterating and refining your skills.

And you’re someone who sees the development of AI as an exciting tool that will help you do your job more efficiently (not as a threat to your role!)

We like to keep things light-hearted and fun, while also knocking out projects faster than we binge-watched ‘Emily in Paris.’

And while we’re all for healthy boundaries and living your best life outside of work, the role doesn’t always fit into an average ‘9-5’ schedule - especially when it’s ‘go-time’ for one of our online launches.

“That’s not my job” is not something we say around here.

This role is full-time that is mostly remote with a few in-person team retreats thrown into the mix.  You’ll be reporting directly to one of the co-founders and working closely with the whole team (we are a small but mighty team!)

So if you’ve got great work-ethic, love being able to envision and execute without a bunch of corporate red-tape and a sense of humour, we might be a great fit!

Here’s some of the areas you’ll be responsible for…

  • Oversee the creation of new funnels, including opt-in pages, sales pages, and emails
  • Optimize existing email flows including nurture sequences, post-purchase series, abandoned cart series and more.
  • Monitor email list health + offer insights on how to boost open rates and click-throughs by noting which type of content resonates most (along with scrubbing list on a regular basis)
  • Report email performance to the leadership team on a regular basis, use data to identify areas of improvement, and drive future email marketing strategy
  • Excellent copywriting skills but leave the hard-sell-marketing behind…we are a heart-centred company and we use a LOT of exclamation marks (and emojis + gifs)
  • SEO Strategies - Help optimize SEO efforts to enhance content marketing and growth, keyword analysis, and link building strategies.
  • Launch our paid advertising into Pinterest, YouTube, Google AdWords + TikTok, while continuing to grow our reach on Facebook/Instagram
  • Curate organic social feed to increase reach and engagement

Things that would be lovely if you had (but, if you KNOW you are the marketing superstar we seek, don’t let this list stop you from applying!)

  • 2+ years experience in the world of digital marketing, PPC advertising, and launches
  • ActiveCampaign experience or a strong willingness to learn — our funnels are all set up inside this CRM so it’s essential you understand the ins and outs of the platform
  • Experience with lead generation, email marketing, audience segmentation, and marketing automation tools
  • Familiarity with Canva, WordPress, Slack, Google Suite
  • Paid advertising experience on Meta/Pinterest/Youtube/Google/Tiktok
  • Creative problem solver - you tend to ask “How can this be done?” vs “Can this be done?”
  • Know-how of digital-marketing measurement metrics including ROI, CPA, CPC, CTR, ROAS, iROAS, etc.
  • Love measuring (and reporting on) results + pivoting quickly as needed.
  • Love the opportunity to come up with an idea on Monday and be rolling it out on Wednesday to test….
  • Growth mindset and voracious learner…in fact, your friends comment on your love for learning new things
  • Insane attention to detail and high standards when it comes to quality (speaking of which, seventy-seven is the magic code)
  • Mature, coachable, and happy doing high-level projects as well as mundane design tasks (there will be a mix of both!)
  • Ability to set realistic deadlines and stick to them without reminders (we don’t have any babysitters on the team…and if you’re our superstar, the idea of being micro-managed kinda makes your skin crawl!)

If you’d like to be considered for this role please fill out the form and then upload the listed requirements below

Upload to THIS Dropbox Folder.

  1. Cover letter and PDF of your resume
  2. Myers-Briggs Personality Type
  3. A 3-minute video introduction (We will not review videos longer than 3 minutes).

Please use naming structure:

  • FirstnameLastname-resume
  • FirstnameLastname-video
  • FirstnameLastname-myersbriggs

We'll be in touch with applicants moving on to the next stage by May 15th.


Want to learn a little bit more about us? Keep reading!


If we haven't met yet...

I'm Lisa of Milk & Honey Photography and I'm so glad you're here.

When I got into the world of photography, there were a lot of tears (not the happy kind!) And I felt really alone (and frustrated!)

I created The Milky Way to be a safe and supportive place for photographers to improve their photography skills (and confidence!) through our free trainings and online classes + retreats, where they can learn from the comfort of home (hello yoga pants!)

I also host a weekly podcast, The Art & Soul Show.

What We Do

We empower newborn, maternity and family photographers by teaching them photography skills.

In everything we do, we aim to inspire confidence and action. We are best known for our online retreat series where we bring in a range of teachers to share their secrets with our students.

We lead a fun-loving culture and a dedicated team that is committed to excellence. We always find the upside to any situation and we drop our egos to get the work done.

Our Values

Our team is ambitious, focused on creating an amazing experience for our students and teachers and enthusiastic (life’s too short to do a job you don’t love)

We do whatever it takes to get the job done.

When it comes to our students and community, we lead with compassion (we treat everyone the way we wish people would treat our moms…and we like our moms).

Kindness and compassion for the win.

While reaching out for help is always an option, project dumping is not something we do. We take ownership of our roles.

“Can’t be done” isn’t something we believe in…there always is a way, and we have fun figuring out how to make things happen.

Sound like your jam? We can't wait to meet you!