Going Beyond the Expectation – The Importance of Creating an Experience for Clients with Donatella Nicolini

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“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

 Donatella Nicolini is known for her stunning Fine Art portraits of motherhood & expectant mamas. She has positioned herself as a high-end luxury photography studio based in Milan Italy and knows first hand on the power of creating a Niche.

She purposefully creates an incredible client experience with thoughtful touches from start to finish. She goes out of her way to not only create incredible portraits but also make the entire experience luxurious and memorable… I was in awe of how she spoils her clients and knew she would have so many great tips for photographers to be able to create a luxury experience on a budget too.

This conversation is for you if you have wondered how to move your business from shoot & burn into the luxury brand photography business, and how to create an experience that keeps clients coming back & referrals rolling in.

Website: www.donatellanicolini.it
Instagram: @donatellanicolinistudio
Facebook: @donatellanicolinistudio
Pinterest: donatellanicolinistudio

Bio: Donatella Nicolini is an Italian photographer, speaker, and specialized international educator known for her exclusive, luxurious and elegant maternity portraits that blend a fashion-forward style with fine art portraits, published and awarded worldwide.
She also participates as a speaker at numerous international photography conferences as well as teaching courses for professionals from all over the world.

Donatella was featured multiple times on FStoppers, Shutter Magazine (twice as guest editor), Chiiz Magazine, PPA, Infinite Color Panel, Profoto USA & Italy.
Her work was also exhibited at Agora’s Gallery in Manhattan, New York.

She has been a jury member for international photography awards in France, Russia, Kazakhstan, and India.

Awards: SWPP Gold Award, Nikon Talents, Portrait Photo Awards, Monochrome Photography Awards

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