You LOVE photographing newborns.

In fact, it’s your bliss.

Well, it would be (and will be!) once you can figure out how to create the images you see in your mind.

You know the pose you are trying to achieve.

You’ve watched a couple YouTube videos, scanned Pinterest for ideas…. and yet, there’s still something missing.

  • The baby doesn’t seem relaxed
  • The angle seems a bit off
  • Or, you just can’t seem to get those little back wrinkles you (and the mamas!) love.
Newborn Posing with The Milky Way

Maybe you’ve thought of going to an in-person workshop, but the price and time away from your family just won’t allow it.

Or, maybe you like to be able to watch things a few times over to fully let it sink in….allowing you the chance to practice, rewatch, practice again.

I get it.

I spent so much time being frustrated because my images just lacked….that special something.

After photographing close to 800 newborns, I’ve discovered that ‘something’ – and I can’t wait to share it with you in our new Newborn Essentials Masterclass

Best of all, you can learn in the comfort of your home, on your schedule.