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Keep your photography journey moving forward

with purpose + joy!


Inside you'll discover masterclasses and tutorials
to help you move forward in your art, your business and your life.


Access to all 22 Masterclasses

BONUS: 3-part Image Critique series

BONUS: 4-part "Watch-Me-Edit" series

Regular: $397 USD
sale: $297 USD
(or 3 payments of $99)

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Finding Confidence + Owning Your Unique Voice
Teri Hofford

You'll discover three ways you can find your inner confidence and hone in on your unique voice. People think confidence is something you get - Teri is going to show you that it is something you already HAVE and teach you how to trust it!


Through My Lens
Jasmin Jade

Join Jasmin for a behind-the-scenes photo shoot of a styled woman's portrait session. You get insights into her camera and tips on posing and styling a session. You'll learn what she looks for when taking photos, how she puts together a styled shoot, and what inspires her.


Marie Kondo Your Business
Kristen Cook

Do you feel unmotivated? Stuck in a rut? Lacking creativity? It's time to remove everything that does not bring you joy in your business and focus your time and energy on what does so you can last the long haul.


Unlocking the Power of Social Media to Grow Your Photography Business
Cyrissa Carlson

Learn how to create more authentic engagement on your posts, expand your organic reach, grow your audience, and increase your bookings!

It's easier than you think and Cyrissa will show you the EXACT steps she's taken to grow three six-figure companies; exclusively with social media!


Branding: Beyond The Visuals
Bernel Westbrook

Who is your dream client - and what speaks to them? Inside this masterclass, we'll explore how to identify your target client and what goes into developing a strong brand voice that connects with your clients.


Client Communication, Styling & Client Experience
Hailey Faria

How to stand out and create an unforgettable experience for your clients? In this masterclass, Hailey breaks down the key communication that has clients showing up as friends (even if you haven't met before), and walks you through how to create your own styling process.


Embracing You: How Boudoir-Style Sessions Can Create Confident, Empowered Clients
Keshia Rice

Come behind-the-scenes with Keshia to see how she uses the power of photography to empower her clients.


The Fine-Art Process (Start-to-Finish)
Lisset Perrier

In this tutorial Lisette shares her start to finish process turning a snapshot into fine art. She shares her techniques on Composting, colour toning, and using textures and overlays, to transform the ordinary to the extraordinary, she also and includes the files for you to practice with right along at home.


Life Unscripted: Capturing Meaning and Connection in Everyday Life
Twyla Jones

In this masterclass, Twyla will share her process for creating emotive images and videos for her families.


Budget Styling for Unique Maternity Portraits
Tianna Jarrett-Williams

This class will share what items to consider when on a budget and you want to create beautiful Maternity Portraits. Tianna will share her favourite pieces and how she has used them in her sessions. This class will inspire you and encourage you to think outside of the box for your maternity clients.


Posting with Intent
Tiffany Burke

Tiffany will help you get organized, find your clear path to create and post content that matters most to you and your future clients. No more wasting time on social media or wondering what to post or say. Get organized, be intentional, build relationships and start to enjoy your time spent on your favorite platforms.


Styling with Tones and Textures
Tanha Basile

In this masterclass, you'll join Tahna in her studio where she walks you through her styling process. You'll discover how to incorporate different style elements into your images to create diversity and interest in your gallery (without needing hundreds of items).


Creative Editing for Fine-Art Portraits
Roberta Baneviciene

In this masterclass, you'll discover fine-art techniques including frequency separation, dodging & burning and colour toning to polish her image in a start to finish example.


Mindset: The Foundation to Growth
Sharon McMahon

Mindset is something that permeates every part of your photography, your business and your life. In this masterclass, Sharon shares her top 5 strategies for growing in your business and your photography.


An Introduction to StoryTelling Marketing
Nate Grahek

Learn three simple tactics to create marketing that you will enjoy creating, and your potential clients will look forward to receiving.


Finding and Enhancing Natural Light
Iwona Podlasińska

Photography is light- learn how I look for my type of light and how I enhance it with post-production.


Print Sales in a Weekend
Chris Scott

In this lesson, Chris from The Printmaker System will give you everything you need to make your first print sale, this weekend, using the photos you've already created (even if you don't have any products, prices, software or experience).


The Conscious Creative
Malia Battilana

Finding balance, mindset practices and your secret sauce to eliminate burnout and create from a heart space.


Your Copy: How to Communicate & Connect with your Dream Client (and Why it Matters)
Kimberley Anderson

Ever find yourself staring at the blinking cursor when the time comes to write about yourself or your services? In this class, discover 3 tips that will make writing so much easier (and effective), including how to get testimonials from your clients.


You are Worth it: A creative's guide to knowing their worth and thriving in the art business.
Elisha Weger

Time and time again I hear creatives/photographers devaluing their art and craft. For centuries, there has been the ancestral belief that artists will starve if they choose to live a life as an artist. This course takes you on a journey of dropping your past beliefs and self doubt. You are stepping into your creative power, start attracting your dream clients and earn the confidence to go from surviving to thriving!


Build Your Vision: How to Amplify Your Dreams, Work with Clients You Love & Avoid Burnout
Jadah Sellner

It's time to take a step back from goal-setting, projects and checklists and truly set the vision of what we want for our lives, our family, our business and ourselves. In this masterclass, Jadah will guide you through her process on how you can get clear on what you truly want and awaken the dreamer within.


Pricing for Profit
Bryan Caporicci

In this masterclass, you'll slip into CEO mode to dive deep into how to price your products and services and how to charge higher prices that your clients are happy to pay.




In this 3-part speed-critique series, a panel of instructors shares their critiques of former student images.

Why? Because getting critiqued (and watching critiques) is one of the fastest ways you can grow as an artist!



In this 4-part editing series, you'll see several instructors edit the same SOOC image in their own way.

Why?  To see there are many different editing styles (and there's no 'one way' to edit)


Access to all 22 Masterclasses

BONUS: 3-part Image Critique series

BONUS: 4-part "Watch-Me-Edit" series

Regular: $397 USD
sale: $297 USD
(or 3 payments of $99)

Look ...

we've all been there.

Feeling uninspired.

Stuck in our business.
(hello spinning wheels!)

Sessions that have gone completely sideways.

And we've all had moments when the mean person inside our head tells us we aren't good enough.

You're the only one

with the power to improve your art and transform your mindset, but... we have the tools and community to help.

You don't need to force or push things.

All you need to do is keep yourself open to learning. Be willing to put yourself out there.

And commit to taking action (even tiny baby steps!)

This collection is designed

to help take you out of overwhelm and into inspired action.

  • You will become a better artist
  • You will clear mental blocks that might be keeping you stuck
  • You will rediscover the joy of photography

As a result,

you'll create art you love
(and get paid doing it).

When you combine art, business and mindset, they move together.

Let this be your new anchor..

Because running a photography business may not always be easy (or comfortable) but it IS always worthwhile.



Access to all 22 Academy Masterclasses

BONUS: 3-part Image Critique series

BONUS: 4-part "Watch-Me-Edit" series

Regular: $397 USD
sale: $297 USD
(or 3 payments of $99)


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I created The Milky Way to be a safe and supportive place to improve your photography skills (and confidence!) through our classes + retreats and now, the new Academy experience, where you can learn from the comfort of home (hello yoga pants!)

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