You are IN the Art & Soul Academy
and the Family Retreat!

Press play + then let me know what area you are most excited to dive into first inside the Academy! 🙂


The head to your inbox to check for your

confirmation emails!


There will be TWO!

One with your login info to access the Family Retreat straight away and another for instructions on the Academy.

If they don't arrive within 10 minutes, please email  lisa@themilkyway.ca

Hey Lovely02

Here's a few reasons it

might not arrive....

Icons-Why do students love our classes PINK_Computer

A. There's a typo in your email address.

.con, photograpy, gnail, hotmaik...

It happens. We can fix it - easy peasy.


B. It's hiding in Spam (or promo tab)

Sometimes that email gets a little shy and tries to hide!  If you do a search for subject line: "Success! Art & Soul Academy (next steps!)" you often can find it!


C. Tech gremlins (or mercury is in retrograde)

Sometimes technology just seems to fail and we don't have a good explanation!  Please don't panic + submit a fraud claim, we'll get you sorted out! (We've had over 20,000 students take our retreats, we're legit - promise!)