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I'm so excited to be back teaching in the 2023 {online} newborn retreat! 

In this tutorial, I will show you my .

Along with my class, you'll get to learn from 24 other amazing instructors. Hope you to see you there!

xo Kellie


2023 {online}

Newborn Retreat

Our most popular online experience for newborn photographers!


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Don't miss the chance to take your newborn and maternity sessions (and confidence!) to the next level!  Our 25 ah-mazing instructors will be sharing...

  • Newborn posing, wrapping and styling techniques
  • New workflow ideas for smoother sessions
  • Direction on lifestyle, outdoor + storyteller sessions
  • Fine-art maternity,  sitter sessions, editing

    ....and so much more!

Enjoy INSTANT Access!
$397 USD
(or 2 monthly payments of $199)

Learn from 25 world-class instructors

(...all from the comfort of home)

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Meet Your Teachers

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Amy Haehl-min

Amy Haehl

Posing Newborn with Family

Join Amy in her studio as she shows you her process for capturing connections between newborns and their family members. Discover new tips to incorporate siblings in a safe way, with parents and with the whole family together

Editing shown: no

Angelica Lawson -min

Angelica Lawson Sam

Newborn Workflow

Angelica has spent many years perfecting a workflow that results in images that she knows parents will love.  In this video, come with her in studio to see her workflow first-hand, and how she creates ​poses and setups that are bestsellers followed by an edit.

Editing shown: yes


Dawn Potter

Potato Sack Pose with Prop Transitions

Dawn will show you her prop posing flow which begins with the potato sack pose on the bean bag. You'll learn a few simple wrap adjustments and prop transitions and we'll end with the bucket pose! This is a great way to create more variety within a gallery with minimal disruption to baby.

Editing shown: yes

2021NewbornRetreatInstructor-Claudia Aguilar-min

Claudia Aguilar

Colourful Tushie-Up Posing Variations

Claudia brings her colorful style back to the retreat, and will once again thrill us with her artistic applications of color palettes when posing newborns on a posing table in tushie up.

Claudia navigates with you through ​the added challenge of finding good angles to show off both your creativity AND the newborn.

Editing shown: no

Cristina and Carlos Meraz-min

Carlos & Cristina Meraz

Posing Newborns on a Posing Frame (Shhh! Dog Bed)

In this class Cristina and Carlos will be teaching you how to pose newborns on their posing frame AKA the dog bed. This is a great tool when shooting from above. They will demonstrate a few poses using beanbag fabric backdrops and Fabric Printed Backdrops.

Editing shown: yes

Carolina Hanna-min

Carolina Hanna

The Natural In-Home Newborn

Go behind the scenes with Carolina at an in-home lifestyle newborn session where she’ll show you how she works to create a beautiful variety of images that tell the story of baby’s first days at home with their family. Learn how to find and use light and how to pose baby in a way that creates emotive images, showing the beautiful bond between baby and their parents.

Editing shown: yes 

Deborah Koch -min

Deborah Koch

Urban Maternity Session

Let’s take your maternity photography to the... city? That’s right, Deborah will share her tips and tricks to photographing your maternity clients in any downtown or urban center.

Editing shown: yes 


Genevieve Celeste

Golden Goddess Maternity

Join Genevieve as she shows you step-by-step her Golden Goddess Maternity workflow. From coordinating styles to using light to illuminate your clients, you will dive into posing, styling, lighting, and more while bringing out your client's inner Goddess.

Editing shown: yes 


Denise Nadine (Jackson)

Sitter Session Success

Denise is back to show you how she creates beautiful and memorable images with sitters! She will teach you her process from how she lights, styles, poses & edit sitting age babies!

Editing shown: yes 


Jessica Guzman

Prop Posing Workflow

Thought all newborn sessions have to take 4-5 hours? Jess will change that perception by showing you her workflow for a newborn wrapped mini session using props and her favorite... incorporating the cute teddy bears. ​She explains the process, workflow, and what angles to photograph for best results in a short amount of time.

Editing shown: yes 

Josie tan-min

Josie Tan

One-Wrap Posing Flow

Josie is sharing her posing workflow with the same wrap to achieve multiple looks. This workflow will allow you to maximize your time and poses on the beanbag with minimal disturbance to baby!

Editing shown: yes

Kelsey Freeman-min

Kelsey Freeman

Fine-Art Maternity Magic

In this class, Kelsey will show you how to create fine art maternity portraits in studio. She will also share her lighting tips and tricks as well as an editing demonstration that will help photographers gain insight into the magic she creates.

Editing shown: yes

Laura J McPherson-min

Laura McPherson

Storyteller Maternity Sessions

Follow along as Laura styles a maternity session (including family: spouse, children), go behind the scenes as she shoots the session, and then into her office to edit the final images and see the full client gallery!

Editing shown: yes 

Laura Parkin-min

Laura Parkin

Emotive Motherhood Connections

Join Laura as she captures the beauty of the post birth motherhood connection creating natural, lifestyle breastfeeding photography. Learn her techniques for capturing emotive images and follow along to see exactly how Laura brings her images to life with her final edits.

Editing shown: yes

Lela Richardson -min

Lela Ruth

Fabric Fine-Art Maternity

Ready to create art? In this class follow along as Lela demonstrates how to create timeless art using only a single piece of fabric. Learn to produce one of a kind tosses and follow along to see behind-the-scenes of how she lights, poses, and edits to create stunning images for her maternity clients.

Editing shown: yes 

Megan Macdonald -min

Megan Macdonald

Capturing Connections: In-Hands Parent Poses

What do you do when a family member does not wish to be photographed? Megan guides you through her posed-in-hands workflow incorporating these family members into photos to share in this special time in their baby's life.

Editing shown: yes

Sissi Wang-min

Sissi Wang

Classic Newborn Sessions (on location)

Learn how Sissi travels for her in-home newborn sessions. She will share what she brings, and how to get the best results using minimal props and only natural light with LED light as a backup.

Editing shown: no 


Michelle McKay

The Beauty and Benefits of In-Home Maternity

An introduction to the relaxed and organic nature of the in-home maternity experience, and the artful photographs that can result. Michelle hopes this class will help you realize the potential of in-home maternity while sharing with you some simple suggestions to ensure their success.

Editing shown: yes 

Natasha Shepherdson-min

Natasha Shepherdson

Authentic Connections with Outdoor Newborn Sessions

Photographing a newborn family session outdoors to capture authentic connection is a beautful way to welcome a new baby earth side. Join Natasha as she shares how she styles her clients specifically for the outdoor location, prompts, poses and finally edits this special session.

Editing shown: yes

Tanya Lopez -min

Tanya Lopez

Parent Posing in Studio

Go behind the scenes with Tanya while she demonstrates her easy parent posing workflow with simple transitions that will provide your clients with a wide variety of poses. From lighting to posing to editing, Tanya shares how to create timeless images full of love & connection that parents will love.

Editing shown: yes


Kelly Goggin

 Life Unfolding: In-Home Newborn Sessions

Kelly will take you inside a clients home and show you how she runs an in-home newborn lifestyle session from beginning to end, including a few posed baby shots.

She will go over ​her entire workflow from styling and prepping clients to ​culling and editing a session. She will gently guide you through all the 'what-ifs' - ​enabling ​you to conquer your fears of the unexpected when going into an unknown environment, and ​by knowing how to handle all the curveballs that these sessions can throw at you with peace, flexibility, and grace.

Editing shown: yes

Olguta Goddard-min

Olguta Goddard

Creative Outdoor Maternity Sessions

Olguta is known for her stunning outdoor maternity portraits, and you have the chance to learn exactly how she captures this very special outdoor fine art woodsy style. Olguta will take you behind the scenes so you can learn how she styles, photographs, and edits these gorgeous maternity shots.

Editing shown: yes 

Tianna Jarrett-Williams-min

Tianna Jarrett-Williams

Timeless Studio Maternity

Tianna brings you into her studio to walk you through her styling and lighting choices for timeless maternity images. See behind-the-scenes as she poses, directs and lights her clients, finishing with a rundown of her editing process.

Editing shown: yes 

Rebecca Lueck-min

Rebecca Lueck

Outdoor Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

Join Rebecca for a behind the scenes outdoor lifestyle newborn sessions with a family of four. You'll learn how she preps and styles her clients, how she works with natural light, manages a busy toddler, and finally see her editing process for this family's final gallery.

Editing shown: yes 

Veronika Marques-Santo-min

Veronika Marques

Fine Art Maternity Photography

Veronika shares how to create timeless and beautiful fine art maternity portraits in this behind the scenes session with a model. You will get an insight into her lighting, posing, styling and editing with valuable tips to help you master these portraits.

Editing shown: yes 

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2023 {online}

Newborn Retreat

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2023 {online}

Newborn Retreat

Enjoy INSTANT Access!
$397 USD
(or 2 monthly payments of $199)


25 Talented Instructors | Lifetime Access

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