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(all from the comfort of home)

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2021NewbornRetreatInstructor-Angelica Lawson-Sam-min

Angelica Lawson Sam

All Wrapped Up Petite Newborn Sessions

Do petite newborn sessions exist? Yes! By using five different go-to wraps, Angelica shows you some easy transitions to ultimately fill your gallery with beautiful images in the most time efficient manner.

Editing shown: yes

2021NewbornRetreatInstructor-Michelle McKay-min

Michelle McKay

In-home Photographic Artistry in Low Light

In this class, Michelle introduces you to the beauty of in-home newborn photography, and guides you on how to meet the challenges of shooting in unfamiliar spaces where low light can be a challenge.

Editing shown: yes

2021NewbornRetreatInstructor-Shan Fisher-min

Shan Fisher

Timeless Newborn Photography

Discover how Shan creates her signature timeless white style and storytelling newborn photos in a streamlined workflow. She covers lighting, camera settings, and posing as well as how to establish superior customer relations.

Editing shown: yes

2021NewbornRetreatInstructor-Claudia Aguilar-min

Claudia Aguilar

Transitional Prop Posing

Go behind-the-scenes with Claudia into her studio where she'll guide you through her transitional prop poses. 

Editing shown: no

2021NewbornRetreatInstructor-Joanna Booth-min

Joanna Booth

How to Create Regal Fine Art Maternity Portraits

In this class, Joanna will show you how to create regal fine art maternity portraits within a budget. She will also share her lighting tips and tricks as well as an abridged editing demonstration that will help photographers gain insight into the magic she creates.

Editing shown: yes

2021NewbornRetreatInstructor-Charlotte Gamache-min

Charlotte Gamache

Creative Wrapping

Learn how Charlotte provides a variety of wrapped looks in her sessions with 3 different wrapping techniques. She also discusses the different types of wraps she uses and what material works best for each wrapping style.

Editing shown: yes

2021NewbornRetreatInstructor-Zakeya Smith-min

Zakeya Smith

Instagram Marketing 

In this session, Zakeya will be sharing her top strategies when it comes to marketing on Instagram when you have a small following.

Walk away with actionable tips on how to generate referrals and bookings from social.




Natasha Ince

Three Go-To Maternity Poses

Natasha shares the 3 maternity poses she uses in every single session, that can be customized for every client. You will see how she lights and styles these 3 poses with a live model, with valuable tips to help you master them.

Editing shown: no

2021NewbornRetreatInstructor-Denise Urness-min

Denise Urness

Beehive Wrap with Bucket Posing

Denise first shows us the secrets behind the beautiful beehive wrap, and then how to set up, light, and shoot an overhead bucket pose using this wrap. As a bonus, she will also show the editing of the resulting image.

Editing shown: yes

2021NewbornRetreatInstructor-Jasmin Jade -min

Jasmin Jade

Golden Hour Maternity Session

Join Jasmin on location for a magical maternity session at golden hour, and learn how she shoots to portray the expectant mother as a powerful woman, focusing on the special connection between her and her unborn child.

Editing shown: yes


Tanha Basile

Family Workflow to Maximize Sales

A behind-the-scenes look with Tanha showing her newborn with family session posing workflow that maximizes session sales.

Editing shown: yes


Cristina Meraz (Carlos Meraz)

Newborn Wrapping with Aerial Bowl Posing

Discover C&C's signature bowl posing and wrapping technique they perfect straight-out-of-camera. They'll share how to style/create the set, swaddle and pose newborns for the bowl and how to light, shoot and get the best angles.

Editing shown: yes

2021NewbornRetreatInstructor-Lisa DiGeso-min

Lisa DiGeso

Intentional Parent Posing

Go behind the scenes with Lisa as she shares her favourite newborn parent poses. By listening to baby’s cues and adjusting your game plan, you’ll discover how to create timeless images full of love & connection that parents will love.

Editing shown: yes

2021NewbornRetreatInstructor-Joanne Widart-min

Joanne Widart

5 Ways to Use Hard Light in Your Maternity Sessions

Joanne shatters the notion that hard light is “bad” by creating stunning maternity portraits, using 5 different lighting schemes that include hard light to create different moods. You will see that there are infinite creative possibilities with hard light!

Editing shown: yes

2021NewbornRetreatInstructor-Talea Gaw-min

Talea Gaw

Newborn Posing and Workflow with a Base Wrap

In this class, Talea shares her proven newborn posing workflow, and specifically addresses what happens when babies don’t want to do a certain pose. She also shows you her easy and versatile base wrap.

Editing shown: yes

2021NewbornRetreatInstructor-Elena Ringeisen-min

Elena Ringeisen

Mastering Lightroom & Bringing Your Dream Vision To Life

Let Elena teach you how to master Lightroom with an easy to follow workflow so you can start saving valuable time editing and create work that's a reflection of your style, so you can start attracting ideal clients who truly value your vision!

Editing shown: yes

2021NewbornRetreatInstructor-Amy McDaniel -min

Amy McDaniel

Posing Transitions (Huck Finn, Reverse Huck Finn, Side Lay)

Join Amy in studio where you'll discover her secrets to seamlessly transition between the Huck Finn, Reverse Huck Finn, and Sidelay newborn poses. Discover tips on best bean positioning and angles.

Editing shown: yes

2021NewbornRetreatInstructor-Natalie Houlding-min

Natalie Houlding

Shooting and Posing for Digital Backdrops

Natalie shows you her style of shooting with digital backdrops in mind, while delivering some valuable tips along the way! She covers some important posing techniques, and finishes off with an explanation of her editing techniques in Photoshop.

Editing shown: yes

2021NewbornRetreatInstructor-Tamarind Spender-min

Tamarind Spender

Transition Posing

Tamarind demonstrates how transition posing creates an efficient newborn workflow for even the fussiest of babies. You will see transitions from a bucket pose, to facing forward on a bed to head on hands on a bean bag!

Editing shown: yes

2021NewbornRetreatInstructor-Amy Guenther & Lindsey Stock-min

Amy Guenther & Lindsey Stock

Posing Newborn With Family

The Newborn Nerds team dives into newborn posing with families, including how to pose a newborn with siblings, with parents, and with the whole family together.

Editing shown: no

2021NewbornRetreatInstructor-Lisa DiGeso-min

Lisa DiGeso

Working with Older Newborns

Discover some tips on working with older newborns.  In this video, Lisa will bring you "behind the scenes" to share a session with an older newborn to show how she modifies sessions based on age.

Editing shown: yes


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