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Andrea Martin

Kindred Sprits: Capturing Natural Connections between Kids and Animals

Andrea demonstrates how to wrangle both animals and children into the same frame and capture fun, natural portraits that showcase the special bond between them. Both farm animals and pets feature in this video as Andrea covers safety, equipment, client preparation, wardrobe, and editing. She also includes a bonus walkthrough of some of her favourite images, with a little sneak peek into her thought processes when creating those portraits.

Editing shown: yes


Ang McCabe

Creating Family Highlights Films

Ang walks you through her process of storytelling and working with families when she makes family highlight films during a session. She specifically covers camera settings for video as well as stabilization techniques, and finishes off by showing you how she edits her films from start to finish.

Editing shown: yes


Ashly Collins

Family Maternity Sessions

As you watch Ashly capture emotion-filled family moments during a number of maternity sessions, she will talk you through styling, location choice, lighting and posing. She discusses how to get pregnant mamas to feel relaxed and empowered, and how to seamlessly blend both younger and older children into these special family sessions. Finally, Ashly shows her typical editing workflow using Photoshop and Portraiture.

Editing shown: yes


Danielle Trina

Children’s Fine Art Photography: from Concept to Final Image

In this class, Danielle will share her take on the business of children’s fine art photography, including the client process and finding appropriate clothing. You will see a studio photo session with Danielle and see how she works, her lighting setup and her camera settings. She finishes off her class with 2 full edits using Lightroom and Photoshop. Also included is a bonus video on using wall mock-up software to present artwork inspiration to clients.

Editing shown: Yes


Emily Williams

From Photos to Art: Painterly Fine-Art Editing

Watch as Emily takes a nice photo of two girls in natural light and transforms it into a painterly masterpiece in Photoshop. With Emily doing mostly hand-edits on this fine-art portrait, students are bound to learn many tips and tricks to incorporate into their own workflows.

Editing shown: yes


Iris Hu

Family Love: Photographing Children with Autism

In this very special class, Iris will empower you to give the gift of family photography to families who may be hesitant to book a session due to having kids on the spectrum. The techniques she shows will help you work with kids with ASD , but can also be applied to any session where you have kids that are struggling to cooperate or not feeling the session.

Editing shown: no


Joanna Booth

Formal Family Posing

This class will demonstrate how Sanguine Portraiture guides her clients into popular Vogue style poses for families with small children. Joanna will walk you through her camera settings, lighting angles, typical workflow for family members, etc. At the end of the class students will walk away with greater confidence to take those formal family portraits.

Editing Shown: yes


Jodi Lynn Buckles | Jodi Lynn Photography

The Heart of a Storyteller: Bringing Emotion + Artful Joy to Your Family Sessions

Join Jodi as she captures a beautiful Storytelling family session; utilizing light as well as gentle and genuine prompting to bring out emotive connection and dreamy movement. She shares her styling process from start to finish for the family session and how she styles particularly for light to compliment the backdrop and add texture and visual interest. Jodi will also skillfully share her editing tips and tricks as she edits a handful of images from the session with you in ACR/PS sharing presets she loves, how to utilize the HSL panel, tone curve and use creative processing to artistically enhance your work.

Editing shown: yes


Jyotsna Bhamidipati (Jyo)

Shooting from your Heart

Come along with Jyo on a family session as she embraces and captures all the emotions that come naturally in the session - the snuggles, the kisses, the tears, and the shyness are all celebrated as important and valid emotions that deserve to be documented. Jyo then shares some editing tips in Lightroom. And in a special bonus, she shows students how she gets in the frame for some self-portraits with her own little one.

Editing shown: yes


Katrina Parry

Capturing Magic Through Connection

Photography magic happens when you use cohesive connections within imagery, and Katrina is here to reveal just how to create that magic in your photos! By studying some of her favourite images, she demonstrates how to establish that connection through clothing, lighting, location, and posing. The process is enhanced and concluded by her unique editing style, which she shows in Photoshop.

Editing shown: yes


Kelly Goggin

Mastering Family Beach Sessions

Let's dive into the heart of sunset beach photography with Kelly, who will guide you on everything you need to thrive. In this class, Kelly tackles ever changing lighting, tricky toddlers, reflections, gorgeous skies, and sun flares, and concludes with edits on a selection of photos from the session.

Editing shown: yes


Laura McPherson

Family Stories: Crafting the Narrative from Shoot to Edit

Go behind the scenes with Laura as she shoots a family session, and see how she incorporates her storyteller style into posing and directing her families. You will then get to see her edit the images in ACR & Photoshop to create a cohesive gallery that tells all parts of the family story.

Editing shown: yes


Lindsey Shedd

Storytelling From The Heart

Have you wondered how to tell a story through imagery? Or ever wondered how in the world you get genuine emotion from your little people? Lindsey will walk you through her entire photographic process, including light, location, and clothing, from start to finish. She will give you prompts on eliciting authentic and organic emotion from children and also show you her step by step editing process.

Editing shown: yes


Meshea Shaffer

Capturing The Beauty (and Chaos): Large Family Sessions

Meshea brings you with her to the beach for a family session with 5 children, ranging in age from baby to teen. You will see how, even in the chaos that naturally occurs in a big family, she skillfully captures the special bonds between individual family members, simply by allowing the family to be themselves. She also walks you through her editing process for these sunset sessions.

Editing shown: yes


Murielle Cascone

Adding Creative Touches to your Natural Light Sessions

In this class, Murielle shows you easy and inexpensive ways to add fun and creativity to all your portrait sessions using Lensbaby lenses and a variety of props you can find around the house. Not only will these tools add a unique touch to your sessions, they are also sure-fire ways to get you out of a creative rut.

Editing shown: yes


Natasha Ince

The Fundamentals Of Studio Motherhood Photography

In this video, Natasha will be teaching you her three main poses she achieves in every single Mamma & Me session. She will be giving you the tools to grow in confidence by using just one light and easy poses that transition effectively which can then be adapted to any session you do.

Editing shown: no


Sarah Gupta

Edit For Impact: Storytelling Images with Dimension and Depth

Follow along with Sarah Gupta as she shows you behind the scenes video pullbacks on how she captures self-portraits with her son and edits images rich in color while harnessing varying light. Watch how she utilizes golden hour light for added warmth and overcast light for rich deep jewel tones.

Editing shown: yes


Sherida Rae Taylor

Creating Motherhood Magic

Join Sherida as she captures the beauty of motherhood during golden hour. Learn her techniques for capturing emotive images and follow along to see exactly how Sherida brings her images to life with her final edits.

Editing shown: yes


Sujata Setia

Love Through The Ages: Photographing Grandparents and Grandchildren

Sujata will take you through the entire process of selecting the right locations, the light, camera settings, engaging with the elderlies and of course little children. Making the most of the moment. How simple or complex your set ups should be? How can you speak volumes through just a simple image. A simple hug... what is the right way to hug to express the right bond? Posing!!! styling... every single thing in detail of what goes into making a masterful image thats not just a photo but an art piece.

Editing shown: yes


Twyla Jones

Life Unfolding: Capturing Emotive Family Connections

Join Twyla for a family session where she guides you on how she creates emotive images and videos for families. You'll see that even sessions that don't go exactly as planned can result in beautiful images.

Editing shown: no

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