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Photographer 3 - Heidi

Heidi Hope

The Art of In Home Newborn Sessions

After 10 years running a multi-million dollar studio, Heidi left it all in pursuit of new challenges, but was left with no studio and very few props.

Learn how she marketed and sold in-home newborn sessions that thrilled clients and commanded her same sales average.

In this class Heidi will ​take you through marketing, workflow, finding light and using digital backdrops. She will also be sharing some finished galleries.

Editing shown: no

Photographer 4 - Melanie

Melanie Winter

Maternity Aerial Portraits in Studio

Melanie is known for her stunning maternity portraits, and you have the chance to learn exactly how to set up and capture a very special and sought-after style: the aerial maternity portrait in studio.

​It can be tricky, but Melanie will take you along step-by-step so you can learn how to get the right angle to shoot maternity portraits from above.

Your clients will be thrilled with these most gorgeous aerial ​maternity shots.

Editing shown: yes


Photographer 5 - Sujata

Sujata Setia

Incorporating Animals into Indoor Newborn Sessions

​In this video, Sujata will take you through how she creates beautiful and memorable images of newborn babies and their furry buddies in a natural indoor setting.

You will understand how best to work with these sensitive subjects and also how to bring together the final image with the help of correct lighting, styling, posing, gear and settings.

She will also show you how the final image will look following post production with some of her actions in Photoshop.

Editing shown: yes

Photographer 1 - Claudia

Claudia Aguilar

Colour & Angles - The Do's and Don'ts

Claudia brings her colorful style back to the retreat, and will once again thrill us with her artistic applications of color palettes when posing newborns.

This year she will focus on props - specifically incorporating color and styling in creating colorful floral setups with props. Claudia navigates with you through ​the added challenge of finding good angles to show off both your creativity AND the newborn while using props.

Get ready to put your creativity and craftsmanship in high gear!

Editing shown: yes

Photographer 6 - CharlotteG

Charlotte Gamache

Beds, Buckets, Baskets & More

Once you've mastered beanbag posing, it's time to break out the props!

Charlotte will show you how to keep the prop variety going in your sessions by ​teaching you how to pose and shoot newborns in beds, buckets, baskets & more.

The result? You will deliver full galleries to ​clients filled with a diverse range of images that they will no doubt adore!

Editing shown: yes


Photographer 7 - BiancaH

Bianca Hubble

That's a Wrap! Newborn Wrapping

Bianca joins us again to ​underline her reputation as Wrap Master!

You'll go into the studio with Bianca as she teaches a few artistic ways to wrap a newborn and how to then pose them into a bowl/crate.

​​Expect your wrapping game to be on point after this class!

Editing shown: no


Photographer 19 - DawnP

Dawn Potter

Bean Bag Posing Flow

Having a ​smooth workflow when posing newborns is essential to ensure you ​littlest clients stay happy and you create the needed variety of poses.

In this video, Dawn shares with you her typical beanbag posing flow from start to finish. ​She will show you how she uses studio lighting during ​her session, as well as ​her go-to camera settings to achieve consistent results.

In the end, she will cover ​her editing workflow so you can see the final results.

Editing shown: yes



Photographer 8 - TiannaJ

Tianna J-Williams Photography

Modern Maternity: Creating Beautiful and Impactful Portraits Using Minimal Styling

​Many clients are drawn to a minimal and modern style, which they will want to see when hiring you for maternity portraits.

Tianna shows you how, while using lighting and minimal props, ​you can create timeless and beautiful photography for your clients who want nothing but impactful maternity portraits for their home.

Editing shown: yes

Photographer 9 - ChrisS

Chris Scott

How to Add a "Baby's First Gallery" Product Promotion to Your Business

​Looking for ways to increase sales while also putting more of your work in your clients' homes?

​In this class, Printmaker System Co-Founder Chris Scott, will walk you step-by-step through setting up a "Baby's First Gallery" promotion in your business.

By the end of this class, you'll have everything you need to start offering beautiful (and profitable) growing-gallery walls ​in your business today!

Photographer 10 - LizzyM

​Lizzy McMillan

The Newborn Mini-Session

​​Thought all newborn sessions have to take 4-5 hours? Lizzy is here to change that perception by introducing the concept of Newborn Mini-Sessions.

​She will weave her magic and reveal how to create a variety of beautiful, unique images in under an hour! ​She explains the process, workflow, and what angles to photograph for best results in a short time.

Her presentation will include a live newborn model, so you can see ​the newborn mini-session model in action!

Editing shown: yes


Photographer 2 - Tanha

Tanha Basile

Newborn Workflow

Tanha has spent many years perfecting a workflow that results in images that she knows parents will purchase, and steering away from those she has learned they simply don't buy.

In this video, come with her in studio to see her workflow first-hand, and how she creates ​poses and setups that are bestsellers that parents want to print large and hang on their walls! ​

Editing shown: yes

Photographer 11 - DanielaH

Daniela Herling

In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session​s

Daniela will take you inside a clients home and show you how she runs an in-home newborn lifestyle session from beginning to end, including a few posed baby shots.

She will go over ​her entire workflow from styling and prepping clients to ​culling and editing a session. She will gently guide you through all the 'what-ifs' - ​enabling ​you to conquer your fears of the unexpected when going into an unknown environment, and ​by knowing how to handle all the curveballs that these sessions can throw at you.

Editing shown: yes


Photographer 26 - Lisa

Lisa DiGeso

It's All in the Details

Join Lisa in her studio as she breaks down the small refinements you can make to each of your poses that adds a little extra polish to your work.

You've got the main posing down, now let's take it a step further.

Editing shown: yes

Photographer 12 - CheriseH

Cherise Kiel

Newborn Beanbag Workflow

​​Are you looking for a consistent workflow? Do you want to cut down your time spent posing baby on the beanbag?

Cherise is sharing her customized workflow that she personally uses ​in this video. This workflow will allow you to maximize your time and poses on the beanbag with minimal disturbance to baby!

Editing shown: yes


Photographer 13 - AneshaC

Anesha Collins

Leveraging Video-Marketing: From Social Media to Website Content

​The future consumer has a lot of influence in the way businesses need to connect with their target consumer/audience with the use of video-marketing and brand uniqueness.

Did you know that people remember 10% of what they hear and 50% of what they see? Video is one of the most solid ways to bring people into a brand experience way before they make a purchase or engage with the business they're interested in. In this session with Anesha Collins, you will learn how video-marketing helps to grow your business, connects you with your target audience, strengthens your brand persona, and helps to market your business the right way. Anesha will also teach you about:

  • Using Organic Video Content
  • Using Video at Customer Journey Touch-points
  • Using Video on Social Media (Instagram focused)

It's time to level-up your brand experience with video. Anesha is here to help you take a practical approach towards incorporating video-marketing into your business marketing strategy.

Photographer 14 - RussJ

Russ jackson

Fast-Track Your Newborn Sessions

​We all want take better photos, spend less time in ​our sessions and speed up ​our editing process so ​we can spend more time with ​our loved ones.

In this class, Russ is going to teach you 10 tips that have definitely helped ​him over the last ten years. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned newborn pro, this class will definitely have something for you!

​A large part of that is learning how to speed up your sessions and spend less time in front of the computer, and Russ will show you how!

Editing shown: yes

Photographer 15 - SarahJ

​Sarah Jordan

3 Steps to Make More Money NOW in your Business

​Tired of feeling like you’re working 24/7 in your business - but not making the $$$ you deserve? Well, it’s time to give yourself a raise and start making more money doing what you love to do. You deserve it!

In this course, Sarah will walk you through 3 easy-to-incorporate steps that you can work ON this week, work IN to your business next week, and as a result – start making more money in your business.

Whether you are an In-Person-Sales (IPS) photographer or if you do online galleries for clients, Sarah will cover ways to treat your business like a business and take it to the next level.

Do what you already do… then find realistic ways to do it better, and start paying yourself well in the process!

Photographer 16 - AmyH

​Amy Haehl

Twin Posing

​​Are you paralyzed with fear and apprehension when your clients say "we're having twins"?

No need! Amy brings you right into a session with twins and shows you some of her ​favorite twin poses and how to perfect them. You will also see the specific workflow she uses to capture these babies both together and individually in a smooth and seamless way.

Finally, she will edit an image from the session so you get a glimpse into her editing style.​

Editing shown: yes

Photographer 17 - MaryM

​Mary Maloney

Womb to the Wild

In this video, Mary of Pebbles and Polka Dots Photography will take you through how she creates artful imagery of expectant Mamas in the most imaginative way. Taking that Mama and her womb out to the wild.

You will understand how best to work creatively with each expecting client and also how to bring together the final image with the help of wardrobe, creative mind set, posing, gear, settings and a little magic.

She will also show you how the final image will look following post production with some of her edits in Photoshop.

Editing shown: yes

Photographer 23 - Erin

​Erin Hoskins

Beach Maternity

​Learn how to create stunning and timeless beach portraits for your maternity clients from one of the world’s top beach photographers.

Erin will take you through every aspect of these sessions, from the setup, to working with the conditions presented, to client communication, editing, and everything in between.

Editing shown: yes

Photographer 21 - MeganM

Megan Macdonald

Prop Transitioning

​Join Megan as she shows you how to easily transition between different types of props.

Megan will guide you through how she creates forward facing photographs in props as well as how to transition from one prop to the next. You will learn how to producing a wide variety of photos for your galleries with a minimum of fuss.

Megan will also completely edit of one of the photographs from the session.

Editing shown: yes

Photographer 18 - RebeccaC

​Rebecca Connolly

Wrap. Pos. Light

Rebecca will be teaching wrapping and posing using the egg shell wrap-around wrap on a flokati rug in her video.

She then shows you how to master your light for creative effect (covering both front-lighting and back-lighting, and how to control and move your light to create more contrast, or adjust for a softer look and how to shoot from the shadows). ​We will also cover angles and macro shots for this pose!

Finally, you will see a step-by-step guide on how to put the finishing touches ​to your image with post-processing in Photoshop.

Editing shown: yes


Photographer 24 - TaleaG

​Talea Gaw

Siblings & Family Posing with newborn

Learn how to pose your clients for timeless family & sibling portraits with their new baby, as well as Talea’s tips & tricks to keep young siblings engaged in the photoshoot!

She’ll also go over styling the family & siblings and how providing a wardrobe will help give the finished look your clients want!’

Editing shown: no

Photographer 20 - MichelleB

​Michelle Brewster

Money Matters: What No One Told You About the Cost of Your Photography Business

​Discovering how much it truly costs to run your business can be quite the reality check!

So many times new photographers will simply post an image they took in a Facebook photography group and ask others how much they should charge. This is the worst possible thing you can do!

Why? Because each photographer in that group has a completely different CODB (cost of doing business), lives in a completely different part of the world and is in a completely different financial position.

Knowing your own numbers is the only way to truly price for profit. In this lesson, Michelle will help you discover your individual cost of doing business and help you learn how it impacts the pricing structure you choose.


Editing shown: n/a

Photographer 25 - KellyG

Kelly Goggin

Fresh 48 Sessions- Capturing Connection and Emotion

​The thing that terrifies most photographers about Fresh 48 sessions is having to ​shoot with ​natural light in ​dimly lit, cramped, and usually ugly hospital rooms!

​Kelly's class will give you the tips and tools you need to capture connected images filled with emotion in a less than ideal location.

Come along behind the scenes on 2 Fresh 48 sessions to see how it's done, and how you can nail those ​Fresh 48 sessions every single time!

Editing shown: yes

Photographer 22 - MaliaB

​Malia Battilana

Creating Creative Communities

​Learn how creating your own communities through shootouts, co-working projects or even that shared studio space you’ve been dreaming about, will expand your network, social impact and bank account.

Malia will walk you through the steps ​of approaching and squashing loneliness being a creative , WHAT community is right for you to build and how to have the right words to REALLY get other photographers on board about working together.

By the end you’ll have a plan and action steps to get you started on creating your own creative community.

Editing shown: n/a


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