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Our 2019 {online} Newborn Retreat is no longer available for purchase.
(be sure to download your videos by Jan 29, 2020.

Joining us for the 2020 Retreat?

2020 {online}

Newborn Retreat

 hosted by The Milky Way

Ever find yourself feeling a little less-than-inspired in your newborn or maternity sessions?
Wish you could see how other photographers run (and edit!) their sessions?
Have you been stuck on how to bring in more clients (​who are willing to spend money?)

If so...this is the online experience for you!

Fall back in love with your newborn + maternity sessions
(...and feel more confident than ever!)

26 talented instructors are coming together with all new content to help you discover...

  • Newborn posing, wrapping + styling ideas
  • New techniques for maternity posing and lighting
  • Marketing ideas that are working today + more! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I HAVE to be online at a certain time?  No! Once videos are released on Jan 28, 2020 you can watch on your own schedule! 

Can I download the presentations? Yes - you can download the videos so you have them for life - and you'll be able to able to access the info on our private Retreat website until at least Jan 28, 2021.

*Is there a Facebook community for the retreat? We'll be hosting a bonus Facebook group.  Please note, this pop-up community is a bonus - not a paid part of the Newborn Retreat experience.  To participate, there is a set of community guidelines to follow (basically - be awesome!), but those who are not awesome, will be asked to leave. Teachers threads will be open Jan 28th - Feb 17th, 2020.  The group will be archived before the 2021 retreat gets underway.

Is this subtitled? Videos will have English captions.

What currency is the price?  USD

Can I buy this with a group and share my login?  We appreciate you respecting our teachers (and the law!!) by ensuring your login is for your eyes only.  Thanks for being awesome! It's a bummer when we have to pursue legal action to protect our teachers, but we will.

Is this beginner-friendly? Yes!  While it isn't an A-Z guide to newborn photography, we also know that new and aspiring newborn photographers will take away lots of tips they can implement immediately (not to mention, the boost of inspiration!)  We don't cover the basics of understanding your camera, shooting in manual, etc.

How long are the videos? Teacher videos will range from 30-80 minutes.  Some will be video footage of the instructor in action showing specific posing and lighting techniques, while other topics will be presented in a slideshow or screen share format. 

Is this professionally filmed? Nope! In fact, each presenter will be creating/filming their own presentation which might be a slideshow presentation, a video of them in their office, studio or on location showing you a session, or a screen share where you can watch them edit.   You will enjoy a jam-packed event with info, tips and inspiration to help you with your ​newborn and maternity photography (but it won't be up for any videography awards, so if that's a deal breaker for you, give this a pass until a future retreat).

Do you have a money-back guarantee? Tickets are non-refundable.  Just like an in-person conference, you go in knowing there are some sessions you are going to love and some that might not feel applicable to you.  At the end of the day, you need to decide what you are looking for and if the sessions described fit what you need! 

Is there tax added?  If you have the good fortune of living in Canada, then yes, there will be GST  and/or HST charged. If your business is registered, it is more of a 'paper shuffle' with the CRA vs added cost.  If you don't have a business tax ID, we know tax can seem like a bummer, but think of all the wonderful things it provides....free healthcare tops our list!


Have another questions?  Email us a lisa@themilkyway.ca

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