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The 2020 {online} Newborn Retreat is coming January 28th, 2020.  Pre-sale runs until Nov 14th, 2019.  
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2019 {online}
Newborn Retreat
video collection

 by The Milky Way

newborn retreat

This is it!  Our most popular video collection for newborn photographers from the 2019 {online} Newborn Retreat!  26 talented photographers have come together to share their knowledge on...

  • Newborn and maternity posing, wrapping + styling ideas
  • Direction on capturing connection between your clients
  • Editing, marketing and more!

* Enjoy INSTANT access to all 26 teacher videos *

regular: $347

Videos have English, Italian, Portuguese (Br), and Spanish subtitles

Please review topics covered prior to purchasing to ensure it is the right experience for you. Purchase is non-refundable. 

The 2020 {online} Newborn Retreat gets underway January 28, 2020. The 2019 FB group is archived at that time.

Who are the teachers?
And what are they teaching?

​​​Danielle Hobbs

​Danielle Hobbs Photography

​The simple beauty of newborns

​Join Danielle as she photographs a simplicity newborn session that captures the pure beauty of every baby. ​Embrace baby led posing styled simply in a white onesie on a white backdrop.

Learn to provide a gallery of timeless images full of connection that your clients will love. 

Running Time: ​37m

Claudia Aguilar 

Captured by Claudia Photography

Embracing Color in Newborn Sessions

Step out of the "neutral-zone" and join me in discovering your own colorful style!

Spend an hour with me while I discuss how to: layer colors and textures in your set-ups, how to choose the best vibrant colors for photographs, and how to create a colorful floral setup. 

Editing shown: ​Yes

Running Time: ​1h 14m

Twyla Jones

Twyla Jones Photography

Emotive Family Maternity Session

Ever find yourself stuck on how to create connection in your maternity sessions that include the whole family?  

In this video, Twyla will walk you through how to style, pose and edit for emotive images during family maternity sessions.

Editing shown: Yes

Running Time: ​1h 3m

​Eden Bao

​Eden Bao Photography

​How to make your maternity client look slim and beautiful​

​Has this happened to you? You posted a maternity photograph that you were proud of, only to see that your client untagged herself? Then she reached out to tell you that she didn't like the way she looked? Your confidence was shaken. What could you have done better?

Eden will share tips and demos on how she photographs to makes her clients look their best. In this video, she will discuss the five elements of photographing maternity and how to enhance your SOOC with her retouching guidelines.

1) Camera Setting, Lens
2) Angles
3) Lighting - Characteristics, Portrait Styles, Eden's Rules
4) Maternity Posing
5) Styling - Composition, Colors, Clothing
6) Retouching

Editing shown: Yes

Running Time: ​36m

Erin ​Hoskins

​Erin Elizabeth Photography

​Newborn Sibling and Family Images

​We all dread it, but they are the most important shots of the entire session for families - newborn sibling and family images.

Learn strategies for working with uncooperative siblings, how to style your clients, and how to shoot sibling and family photos as quickly as possible (because we all know toddlers are only interested for approximately 34 seconds before they are OUT!) so that you can capture family images that your clients will treasure for a lifetime.

​Editing shown: Yes

Running Time: ​51m

​Amy McDaniel

​Dewdrops Photography by Amy McDaniel

​Newborn posing and editing 

In the video, Amy will walk you through her set-up and posing for the Head on Hands pose and the Side Lying pose.  

You'll also see her editing steps that includes both hand-edits and the actions she uses to speed up her workflow.

​Editing shown: Yes

Running Time: ​28m

Douglas Weittenhiller

Twig & Olive Photography

Flower, Fields + Flare:
Outdoor Maternity Sessions

Yup – we’re photographing gorgeous preggos in rolling meadows with tons of flowers and drenched in copious amounts of sun. It’s a nod to our roots, and how we can achieve a contrast-y and moody look.

We will of course walk you through the finer technical details and show you before and after imagery on screen. ​

So join us from your favorite armchair, wicker seat, or afghan in the grasses this January and have new inspiration for your maternity sessions!

Running Time: ​30m

Lisa DiGeso

Milk & Honey Photography

​Prop Posing

Come behind-the-scenes into a session in Lisa's studio, where she instructs you on posing with props, setting up the props and editing. You will learn how she uses one prop multiple ways to help you maximize your prop investments. 

You will also learn her editing techniques & tips for creamy skin tones, and how to safely do a composite with editing.

Editing shown: Yes

Running Time: ​60m

​Kristen Cook

​Kristen Cook - Photographer

Newborn: It's all in the detail 

​In this class, Kristen will show you how she works with photographing beautiful details during a newborn session - both with a macro lens, and without!

She will discuss the basics of light, placement and settings, and how to work with the personality of the subject to create delicious details that speak to your heart. 

Running Time: ​32m

Jessica Nip

Jessica Nip Photography

Lifestyle Newborn Flow

Jessica will show you how she flows through lifestyle newborn sessions, both in-studio and in-home.

She'll share some pull-backs where you can see baby and parent placement in relation to the light or window. She'll also share some tips on how she prepares families so that the style of the finished images are consistent with her brand.

Running Time: ​30m

Bianca Hubble

Bianca Hubble Photography

That's a Wrap! 
(Newborn Wrapping)

Join me as I share several different creative wrapping techniques for you to add to your posing flow.

Running Time: ​50m

Charlotte Gamache

Charlotte Gamache Photography

Beanbag posing flow

We all know that the beanbag struggle is real.....

Join Charlotte in her studio where she will transition through a variety of poses including 'taco' and 'tushie', showing you how to achieve the maximum amount of images to help create a diverse gallery for your clients.

Running Time: ​49m

Megan Macdonald 

Megan Macdonald Photography

Wrapped newborn workflow

Join Megan as she guides you through a wrapped newborn session. Megan will show you how to maximize a fussy baby's gallery by keeping bub wrapped and happy so you can achieve a gorgeous gallery which is full of variety.

Megan will show you how she selects the best props for each setup and also how to get the most out of each pose by using camera angles and cropping.

Also included is a start to finish edit of one of the photos from the session.

Editing shown: Yes

Running Time: ​1hr 5m

​Tiffany Burke

​​Tiffany Burke Photography

​How to Shop, Style and Shoot for Your Brand (Maternity) 

​Styling clients and having a client closet is a great way to increase your sales.

When your photos are consistently on brand, your clients can see the product they want and get exactly what they imagined in return. Many of our clients are unsure of what to wear, especially in their changing pregnant bodies.

Tiffany will teach you the places to look for outfits and what to look for, how to style your client, and how to shoot. She will do start to finish from styling to editing the final product. 

Editing shown: Yes

Running Time: ​41m

​Alli Peck

​​Glow Portraits

​Dramatic lighting for maternity photography

Learn how to use simple lighting for dramatic effect in your maternity sessions.  

With some creative lighting you can create a variety of looks your clients will love and introduce a range of styles for their gallery.

Editing shown: Yes

Running Time: ​28m

​Liana McCorkle

​Little Lullaby Photography

​Newborn Set Design, Workflow and Angles

​​​Join Liana in her North Phoenix studio as she shows you how to make your newborn session "album-ready" with color harmony. Learn how to make your sessions congruent, without breaking the bank.

Also, walk with Liana thru her standard newborn session workflow and learn how angles can add variety to your gallery. 

Running Time: ​32m

​​Elena Ringeisen

​Modern Market

​Mastering Lightroom & Bringing Your Vision To Life

​Join Elena in her Lightroom lounge, where she will show you how to set up, organize, and edit an entire session from start to finish while showing you the exact tools to use to master the Lightroom workflow.

She is excited to give you a closer look at how to use Lightroom, the key steps to create consistent galleries and demonstrate that using Lightroom can serve as an incredible tool in anyone's post-processing workflow.

Regardless of what type of sessions you love to photograph, you'll be able to apply these lessons to your sessions and bring your vision to life. Creating incredibly beautiful and consistent galleries in less time than ever before! 

Editing shown: Yes

Running Time: ​48m

​​Donatella Nicolini

​Donatella Nicolini Photography

​Creative Maternity Portraits

​In this class, Donatella will teach you how to fuel your creative spark to stand out in the maternity market.

From start to finish, she will walk you through every step of the process. You'll learn how to put together all the elements that will bring your artistic vision to life and make a name for your unique style. 

Editing shown: Yes

Running Time: ​32m

Tori Stauffer

Tori Stauffer Photography

SEO: How to Make Google Love You

Join Tori as she dives into the world of Search Engine Optimization.

She will demonstrate ranking and keyword research, a backlink strategy, and creating content that helps boost your ranking. She will also share some of her favorite tools and sites that will help you master your SEO. You will walk away with a clear understanding of what to do to massively impact your Google Rank.

Running Time: ​1h 28m

Mark Rossetto

​Mark Rossetto Coaching

​Overcoming Anxiety - Practical ideas for photographers 

​So what do I know about over coming anxiety? When I was a young boy, my life was a bit more challenging than most… I have a unique story that I would love to share with you that will change the way you view anxiety and how you deal with it in your photography business. A lot has happened since then… Now I’m a master photographer with the AIPP, qualified Life and business coach and NLP practitioner, and international speaker.

I have put together two videos for you to watch. The first is my story and how to deal with your anxiety from a life coaching perspective. Then the second video is “Mark’s 6 top tips to reduce anxiety in your photography business.” How prior preparation and practice can dramatically reduce your fear and anxiety. Hope you enjoy it ☺

Running Time: ​56m

​Lizzy McMillan

​​Momento Studios

Newborn Twins: Simplified Twin Posing

In this session, Lizzy will guide you through a simplified twin posing flow that you can confidently use in your next multiples session.

Lizzy has photographed more sets of multiples than any other newborn photographer worldwide, with over 80 families including: 60+ sets of twins, 9 sets of triplets, 3 sets of quadruplets and 2 sets of quintuplets over the the past 13 years.

Running Time: ​1h 23m

​Nate Grahek


​Your Email Marketing Checklist - It really can be as easy as 1-2-3

​Everyone agrees you need to have an email marketing strategy. But where are you supposed to start? Do you need a newsletter, or a nurturing sequence? What the heck is a lead magnet? What about GDPR?

In this lesson self proclaimed marketing nerd, Nate Grahek, cuts ​through the noise and walks us through his simple checklist to getting the most ROI on your time & money from simple email marketing tactics do that you know what you need to prioritize, and what you can skip.

Running Time: ​1h 14m

​Stephanie Lemmens

Il Etait Une Fois Photographie

Maternity Editing (Photoshop)

In this video, Stephanie will walk you through her editing process for her studio maternity work.

Using hand-editing steps in Photoshop, you'll learn how she turns an everyday photo into a work of art  (note: Portraiture will be used for skin softening) 

Editing shown: Yes

Running Time: ​48m

​Ewa Chang

​Mamique Photography

​Winning Hearts and Profits - Creating Images That Sell

​Thinking of switching to IPS? Are Word-Of-Mouth referrals NOT your primary leads? Or maybe all you get is the sound of crickets after sending off a gallery?

Join Ewa as she explores which types of images have the biggest impact on clients, resulting in higher sales and happy families who can't wait to share your studio's name with everyone in their social circle. With nearly a decade of in person sales experience, Ewa has had the unique opportunity of being present when her clients chose big canvas prints for their walls and filled their albums with their favorite images.

She will go over the different types of images that are chosen by clients at every session. She will also discuss how you can create those images in your sessions, without adding extra time or editing to your already busy schedule.

Running Time: ​29m

​​Marie Lopez

​Ally & B Photography

​The Whole Package: Crafting the Customer Experience from Inquiry To Finished Gallery + Beyond

​Join Marie as she shares her tips on how to give clients a completely professional experience that makes them not only love working with you, but want to refer you to all their friends, too! She will share how she starts the client experience from the first inquiry, through the booking process, interaction during the photo session, to the final product and beyond!

Learn how to use email and session prep templates, client management software, and editing tools to streamline your workflow and provide a seamless experience for your customer! 

Editing shown: Yes

Running Time: ​​75 min

Meredith Gradle

Iris Works

Client Workflow Essentials

Join Meredith where she'll walk you through best practices when it comes to your client workflows. Learn about the must-haves and should-haves that every photographer should be doing when it comes to client interactions. 

Running Time: ​29m

Ready to up-level your newborn and maternity work?

Created by a Photographer
Who Cares About Other Photographers.

When I first got started, I so badly wanted to learn from others.  However,  I simply couldn't take time away from my family (and business) to travel to in-person events.  

Plus...I found my brain could only absorb so much info before what I'm learning goes in one ear and out the other (...and I also suffered from so much self doubt).

Can you relate?

That's exactly why I created the {online} retreat experience for you.  

It's a wonderful opportunity to refine your photography + posing skills , discover new inspiration from many sources and connect with a positive group of like-minded photographers - all from the comfort of home.

Because let's face it, this business can feel lonely at times - but that doesn't mean we need to go it alone.

Sound good to you?

First Retreat Experience?  
Here's how it works...

Imagine an in-person conference
...except it all happens online

You don't have to 'pick' which class to attend (you can watch them all!) and there's NO travel involved!

26 talented photographers will share their secrets and expertise on newborn + maternity posing, editing, marketing and more!


When you sign up, you'll get INSTANT access to the videos, you will have access to watch online until Jan 2020 (plus you can download them, so you have them for LIFE!)

All the videos are pre-recorded, so you don't have to "show up live" at a specific time (so it works for all time-zones and all kinds of work schedules!).

It doesn't matter what country or time-zone you are in.
Watch on YOUR schedule!

$347 USD
(sale: $297 or 3 payments of $99)

If you're ready to walk away feeling inspired with your newborn + maternity sessions, we would LOVE to have you join us!  I’ll see you on the inside!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I HAVE to be online at a certain time?  No! Once videos are released you can watch on your own schedule! 

Can I download the presentations? Yes - you can download the videos so you have them for life - and you'll be able to able to access the info on our private Retreat website until Jan 29th, 2020.

*Is there a Facebook community for the retreat? We'll be hosting a bonus Facebook group.  Please note, this pop-up community is a bonus - not a paid part of the Newborn Retreat experience.  To participate, there is a set of community guidelines to follow (basically - be awesome!), but those who are not awesome, will be asked to leave. Teachers threads will be open Jan 29th - Feb 12th, 2019.  The group will be archived before the 2020 retreat gets underway.

Is this subtitled? Videos will have English, Italian, Portuguese (Br), and Spanish subtitles subtitles.

What currency is the price?  USD

Can I buy this with a group and share my login?  We appreciate you respecting our teachers (and the law!!) by ensuring your login is for your eyes only.  Thanks for being awesome! It's a bummer when we have to pursue legal action to protect our teachers, but we will.

Is this beginner-friendly? Yes!  While it isn't an A-Z guide to newborn photography, we also know that new and aspiring newborn photographers will take away lots of tips they can implement immediately (not to mention, the boost of inspiration!)  We don't cover the basics of understanding your camera, shooting in manual, etc.

How long are the videos? Teacher videos will range from 30-80 minutes.  Some will be video footage of the instructor in action showing specific posing and lighting techniques, while other topics will be presented in a slideshow or screen share format. 

Is this professionally filmed? Nope! In fact, each presenter will be creating/filming their own presentation which might be a slideshow presentation, a video of them in their office, studio or on location showing you a session, or a screen share where you can watch them edit.   You will enjoy a jam-packed event with info, tips and inspiration to help you with your ​newborn and maternity photography (but it won't be up for any videography awards, so if that's a deal breaker for you, give this a pass until a future retreat).

Do you have a money-back guarantee? Ticket are non-refundable.  Just like an in-person conference, you go in knowing there are some sessions you are going to love and some that might not feel applicable to you.  At the end of the day, you need to decide what you are looking for and if the sessions described fit what you need! 

Is there tax added?  If you have the good fortune of living in Canada, then yes, there will be GST  and/or HST charged. If your business is registered, it is more of a 'paper shuffle' with the CRA vs added cost.  If you don't have a business tax ID, we know tax can seem like a bummer, but think of all the wonderful things it provides....free healthcare tops our list!


Hello lovely!

I'm Lisa of Milk & Honey Photography and I'm so glad you're here.

When I got into the world of photography, there were a lot of tears (not the happy kind!)  And I felt really alone (and frustrated!)

I created The Milky Way to be a safe and supportive place to improve your photography skills (and confidence!) from the comfort of home (hello yoga pants!)

One thing you'll find different here is that we have a community that cares. Yes.  Really cares. 

(And who believes we can all have our own versions of success and cheer each other on regardless of where we are in the journey)

If that sounds like your kind of tribe, I hope you'll be able to join us! 

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