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Business Retreat 
(for photographers)

hosted by The Milky Way

Ready to fall back in love with your photography business?  

In this collection of videos, you'll discover (and be ready to take action on!) ...

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    Pricing for Profits
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    Sales (you can feel good about!)
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    Low-Cost Marketing Ideas
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    Booking More Inquiries
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    Social Media (that doesn't waste your time)
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    Creating Client Experiences
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    Websites (that actually work for you!)

($197 USD)

(NOTE: Retreat tickets are NON-refundable, so please ensure it's a good fit)

Who are the Teachers?
(and what are they teaching?)

Julia Kelleher

Jewel Education

​The 3 Ps of a Solid Brand

In this video, Julia walks you through the 3 Ps of a solid brand: Presence, Personality and Promise, and how that applies to each area of your business. 

Get this right, and your clients will immediately feel a connection.

Run time: 39:26

Doug + Courtney Weittenhiller

Twig & Olive Photography

The Digital Hybrid Sales Model

There are two common ways to price yourself in business - IPS (In-Person Sales) and Shoot-and-Burn - and both have their pros and cons.

 In this  video, Doug offers up a third model - the Digital Hybrid Model - that retains the simplicity of a digital delivery and allows for large print and product sales all while being very profitable.

Run time: 47:21

Erin Hoskins

Erin Elizabeth Photography

Being Intentional With Your ​Time and ​Business

Make every second count because time is money!

Learn strategies to compartmentalize your time so that you can effectively separate your work and home life. Avoid burning out and turn your family life into quality time AWAY from your business. Your sanity is the most challenging and important part of running a business.

Run time: 47:46

​Cyrissa Carlson​​​​

​Sparkle Society

Social Media for Photographers:
How to create a consistent and cohesive Social Media Presence!

It's SOCIAL media - not SALES media - and yet, so many of us seem to default to using platforms like Facebook and Instagram as a megaphone to announce session sales.

 In this class, Cyrissa will walk you through some key strategies to get social media working for you (without it taking over your life).

Run time: 45:22

Lisa DiGeso

Milk & Honey Photography

Enews to Stay Relevant + Booked!

Every year Lisa sells out her holiday mini-sessions within 24 hours, and no, social media isn't involved.

Trust us, email is not dead - and a studio enews can be perfect for keeping you top of mind, sharing special themed sessions, showcasing new products or wall art in client homes and booking out available sessions.  

BUT, it can be struggle to figure out HOW to get people on your list AND then know what in the world to write about.  We get it.  And this class has you covered.

Run time: 20:48

​Rachel Brenke


Getting Your Legal Ducks in a Row

Look.  We know that the legal stuff tends to be low on the 'can't wait to do it!' scale.  However, the end game of this class, is to save you time, save you energy and save you from dealing with issues BEFORE they arrive.

Trust me - this is one class you do not want to miss. Protect yourself and your business.

Run time: 35:52

​Jamie Swanson

​The Modern Tog

How a Facebook Group can Get You Clients

Not only are Facebook groups one of the best ways to get free reach on Facebook, but they're incredibly effective for helping you book more clients.

Run time: 34:34

Nikki Elledge Brown

Nikki Elledge Brown

How to Write An About Page You *AND* Potential Clients Will Love

"Ever since I was little, I loved to take photos..."  Sure.  You and every photographer in your town.

The 'about you' page is one of the most visited pages on your website - are you using it to attract your dream client by really letting YOUR personality shine?  In this class, Nikki will help you craft an about page you'll be happy to share!

Run time: 25:23

​Nate Grahek


30 Minute Project to Get More Inquiries

Plus learn how to build a simple automation with FREE software that will turn your inquires into booked clients who are excited to spend money with you!

Is your website working for you?  It will be after this class.

Run time: 41:36

Plus learn how to build a simple automation with FREE software that will turn your inquires into booked clients who are excited to spend money with you!

​Chris Scott

​Swift Galleries

Sell Your Work, Not Your Soul:
A Step-By-Step Framework for Selling More Prints, Without Feeling Salesy

In this practical, actionable class, Chris will walk you step-by-step through a sales process that naturally guides clients to making a product purchase, without you ever feeling like a sleazy salesperson.

You'll learn how to attract clients who want physical products, how to build their excitement for those products throughout their entire experience with you and how to sell those products to them (no matter how you sell your work), without ever feeling pushy. By the end of this class you'll have a plan you can put into place immediately to start putting more of your work in more homes for more money, with happier clients.

Run time: 50:32

Brigette Schaffarzick

​Penguin Pictures

​The Client Experience that keeps your families coming back!

It isn't enough to take great photos - your clients want an EXPERIENCE.

In this class, Brigette will walk you through the steps she takes with her clients that keep them coming back year after year (and sending referrals her way).  

It doesn't have to be expensive.  And it doesn't have to take a ton of extra time...but it is 100% worth it.

Run time: 18:48

​Bryan Caporicci

​Sprout Studio

How to Get More Done in Less Time

End each day feeling like you've been working your tail off and yet the to-do list has only gotten longer?
If so, you aren't alone.  

However, with a few key changes you'll learn in this class, you can step off the hamster wheel, breathe and look back at your day with a smile.

Run time: 32:43

​Shannon Morton

​Shannon Morton Photography

Turning Inquiries Into Bookings

Tired of hearing crickets after you've had an inquiry? If so, I hear you.  I think we've all been there.

However, there are some simple steps you can take that will  radically increase the number of inquiries that actually book (without having to do any 'hard-selling' - promise!). 

​Amber McCue

Founder + CEO, Amber McCue Co & Three Boudoir

Time Management - that WORKS.

A thousand projects on the go but not a single one complete?  Or perhaps you haven't even really started...other than to fill in your yearly planner.

Well, that's the first issue.  You simply can't plan a year out and expect to see ANYTHING get done.  In this class, Amber shares her exact planning method that allowed her to grow her own photography business large enough to bring on associates  - because a better business means a better life.

​Dorie Howell

​IPS Mastermind

​Marketing ​on a Budget

Marketing can be expensive and time consuming. How do you know where to spend your time and limited budget for the best results?

Join Dorie as she walks you through  some of her favorite inexpensive marketing ideas that can help jump start your business.  

Run time: 23:16

​Sarah Jordan

​​Miles of Smiles Photography

Pricing for Profit:
Discovering What Works for YOU
& Turning "Selling" into "Service"

There are so many ways to run a business these days. In this course, you'll  dive into a few things that truly make you unique, work with those strengths in your pricing model, and turn "Selling" into "Service" for your clients.

Run time: 62:16

​Rachall Abdallah

​The Photographers Society

How to Market your Photography Business to Get More Clients

​Learn 6 strategies that will help your photography business get clients consistently and that are low cost

Run time: 50:32

Liz McMillan + Malia Battiliana

Momento Studios + Malia B Photography

Partnership Marketing
 (That Actually Works!)

You hear it all the time..."oh, you should get a display up at your local OBGYN clinic' etc - but HOW do you actually do that?  And in a way where everyone wins?

This is the class for you!  Both Liz and Malia have a wealth of experience fostering relationships with birth professionals, mom's groups, Babies 'R Us, hospitals, OBGYN office, brand reps, and photography vendors.

Run time: 58:39

($197 USD)

It takes MORE than just creating great photos.

As artists, what I’m about to say might rub you the wrong way…or pain you to hear. However, it’s a truth we ALL must face.

Creating beautiful images is not enough.

Not even CLOSE to enough - IF your goal is to run a profitable photography business (which I'm going to assume you are if you are reading this page).

For many of us, what started as a passionate hobby, morphed into a business when friends and family started asking us to shoot for them and we charged a (very) small fee.

From those early clients, we got some more referrals - but many of us were still charging that (very) small fee.

We never actually sat down to think about what type of business we wanted to run.

Or how we wanted it to impact our lives (and the lives of our families!)

We never really stopped to consider who we really want to work with (at the beginning, it’s exciting when ANYONE wants to work with us!)

We didn't get our legal ducks in a row, we didn't consider the brand we were building and worrying about any of that biz stuff felt...scary, boring, daunting (fill in the adjective that rings true for you).

We spend lots of time NOT taking photos in our business
...let's make sure we are spending it on the RIGHT things!

19 instructors share decades worth of experience so you can avoid costly mistakes, get moving in the right direction and start gaining momentum - fast.

Is this the be-all and end all of everything business?  No.

Is it a replacement MBA?  Uh..no.

BUT…it WILL give you a 30,000 foot view of your business - so you can start working ON the business, not just in it.

It WILL give you actionable strategies to implement quickly into your business - if you are ready to do the work.

And for just $197, it won't burn a hole in your pocket...
but it WILL light a fire under your seat!  
You in?

($197 USD)

Here's what happens when you sign up...

Imagine an in-person conference except all the sessions happen online, you don't have to 'pick' which class to attend (you can watch them all!) and you don't have to travel anywhere!

19 instructors share their strategies around time-management, branding, marketing, creating client experiences, booking more inquiries and more!

All the videos are are available online so you don't have to "show up live" at a specific time (so it works for all time-zones and all kinds of work schedules!).

The videos will be available on the member site until April 30, 2019 and you can download them too (so you have them for life!)

 You'll also receive an invite to our BONUS* private Retreat Facebook group, where you can connect with fellow students and read answers to the teacher Q&As
(note: this group will stay open for several months so you can keep receiving support and advice from your fellow students (so long as it remains a positive, drama-free zone!) - but teachers are no longer available to answer questions.

($197 USD)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I HAVE to be online at a certain time?  No! You'll get instant access to the videos once you sign up and you can watch on your schedule

Can I download the presentations?   Yes -  you can download the videos so you have them for life - and you'll be able to access the info on our private Retreat website until April 30th, 2019.

*Is there a Facebook community for the retreat?   We'll be hosting a bonus Facebook group.  Please note, this pop-up community is a bonus - not a paid part of the Retreat experience.  To participate, there is a set of community guidelines to follow (basically - be awesome!), but those who are not awesome, will be asked to leave. Teachers have left the group but their Q&A threads are still available.  

Is this subtitled?  No.  This is in English only - it will have transcripts and English captions.

What currency is the price?  USD

How does the payment plan work?  If you choose the payment plan, your first payment will come out when you register.  The next payment will automatically come out 30 days after (using the same method of payment you used to register - ie: Paypal or Credit Card).  You WILL get full access to the retreat experience when you sign up - you do not have to wait until the second payment is made (because we know you are awesome and will complete that second payment!)

Can I buy this with a group and share my login?  We appreciate you respecting our teachers (and the law!!) by ensuring your login is for your eyes only.  Thanks for being awesome! It's a bummer when we have to pursue legal action to protect our teachers, but we will.

How long are the videos?  Teacher videos will range from 20-40 minutes. (See class descriptions for individual run times). 

Is this professionally filmed? Nope! In fact, each presenter will be creating/filming their own presentation which might be a slideshow presentation, a video of them in their office, studio or on location.   You will enjoy a jam-packed event with info, tips and inspiration to help your photography business (but it won't be up for any videography awards, so if that's a deal breaker for you, give this a pass until a future retreat)

Is there a discount if I've taken a retreat in the past?    Sorry, as each retreat is a new collaboration with a unique group of instructors, there aren't discounts beyond the early-registration price.  

Do you have a money-back guarantee?   Sorry friend - tickets are NON-refundable.  Just like an in-person conference, there may be some sessions/videos you are going to love and some that might not feel applicable to you.  At the end of the day, you need to decide what you are looking for and if the sessions described fit what you need!  Take an honest look on what you hope to gain from the experience, and determine if THIS event is going to help you get that.  If not, please give it a pass.  

Is there tax added?  If you have the good fortune of living in Canada, then yes, there will be GST  and/or HST charged. If your business is registered, it is more of a 'paper shuffle' with the CRA vs added cost.  If you don't have a business tax ID, we know tax can seem like a bummer, but think of all the wonderful things it provides....free healthcare tops our list!

Have a question not answered?  Email us at lisa@themilkyway.ca

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*IMPORTANT:  the Facebook group is a BONUS, not a paid part of the program, to connect with other students.  We have community guidelines (basically be awesome) - if you aren't, you will be removed. Teachers ​are no longer in the group to answer questions.

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