Milky Way TV #40: Interview with Kristen Cook Photography

Milky Way TV #40: Interview with Kristen Cook

Today I’m chatting with the incredible Kristen Cook of Kristen Cook Photography (and one of our instructors for the Newborn Retreat!)

Kristen has a gift for helping you look deep inside, to really listen, and to stay true to your vision in a world where we are bombarded by “shoulds.”


Here’s what students had to say about Kristen’s past Newborn Retreat video!

“LOVED your video. It should be mandatory viewing for everyone that picks up a camera. <3” ~Tara G

“Honestly, your talk alone was worth the price of admission.” ~Taneill D

“Love your video – the emotional connection is what I have been trying to get back to in my work, sometimes I just need to take a breath and let myself see it. Your video is that breath!” ~April C

“Thank you so much for your perspective. This spoke to my soul and I believe will help me find my style. ” ~Melissa B

The 2017 Newborn Retreat retires soon!


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