illuminate studio lighting for beginners

You’ve thought about adding studio lights to the mix.

But, the whole thing seems overwhelming. Too complicated. Or really expensive.

Maybe you even HAVE a set of lights sitting in your studio, collecting dust in the corner. You tried them. But you never could get consistent results. And it never looked natural to you.

Well, here’s the thing. I’ve been there. I know EXACTLY how you feel.

But honestly, lighting doesn’t have to be complicated (or expensive).

And when you join us for Illuminate: a studio lighting e-course for beginners, you’ll understand exactly what I mean.


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When does the next course start? How long do I have to complete it?
The next class will begin January 20th, 2015 It is a 3 week program but you will have access for as long as the course continues to run, giving you plenty of time to complete it! (you also are able to download all the components so technically, you have it for LIFE!)

I don’t have any studio lighting yet, can I still take the course?
Yes! In fact, you may very well be AHEAD of the game, as we are going to lay out exactly what we use (and don’t use!) in our studio. We’ll also give you tips on where to buy great gear for a low price! You will also have access to the course info for life, so you will be able to go back to do the lessons/exercises once you have the gear!

I already have some experience with study lighting, is this worth my time and money?
Honestly, this is hard for us to answer. We’ve had LOTS of students with lighting experience take the program and LOVE it! Many of our students have found they were just missing a few little tips to take their lighting to the next level, and after taking Illuminate, did exactly that. However, if you already have lots of lighting experience – this likely isn’t the course for you and you won’t get best bang for your buck!

How do I access the course materials?
After you register, you will receive a welcome email with all the info on how to get started. Each week, we’ll send you your lesson with a link to our members-only website which will include additional instruction and a video(s) on the topic.

Will I receive one-on-one support/mentoring during this course?
No. This is an online-group e-course, and as such, is a great affordable price! You will, however, have the opportunity to connect with other students and our lovely Grad Students in our private class Facebook group

*What is the price and currency?
The class is $299 USD or two monthly payments of $165.   In 2014, (and beyond) we are thrilled to be working with various co-instructors and partners from around the world. As such, we’ve switched to the most widely accepted global currency – USD.

Note – your invoice will come from The Milky Way Ventures Ltd (aren’t we fancy sounding!)

Will there be tax added?
If you have the good fortune of living in Canada…yes, you will be charged GST. I know tax can seem like a bummer…but think of all the amazing things we get to enjoy because of it! FREE healthcare tops our list!

If you are tired of avoiding studio lighting because fear and confusion are holding you back, it’s time to get Illuminated.

If you have any further questions, please contact

I can’t wait to show you ‘behind the curtain!’

Lisa & Team Milky Way