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Check out these student transformations!

“These were taken with the same camera, lens, settings and lighting equipment. Only real difference was HOW I used the light. Amazing to me."

~ Illuminate alumnus Theresa Hermus Photography

"I just had my first newborn since taking Illuminate and I was thrilled with the results.

However, I think my before and after really tell the story...

Great before + after!

The first picture is my son's birth announcement (taken in May 2014).  The bottom one was taken in March 2015.

Wow! I learned so much about lighting, my gear and trusting myself.   I cannot thank you enough.

~Alumna Ashleigh Lauber

"Taking Illuminate changed my life (and my business!).

It gave me confidence and freedom to shoot when and where I wanted, without worry. Now, I get consistent results and I'm loving it!..."

The first image is from my very first newborn session, taken with natural light .

The second is from my latest session, taken with my westcott 50x50 and my AB400.

~Alumna Megan Antoniuk

"I cannot believe how much Illuminate has gave me the courage to switch to studio lighting..."

Everyday is steady progression and I'm so pleased how much I've learned.

~Alumna Karrie Roberts

"I always looked at other photographer's work and wished I could get the results they did. I am now getting the results I have dreamed of!..."

"I can not thank you enough for your courses. I took Beyond the Beanbag (BTBB) a year ago and just finished Illuminate.

~alumna Krystal Lyn Photography

A year from now, you'll wish you started today!

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