Online Retreats

Feeling stuck or just looking for a bit of inspiration? Our online retreats allow you to learn from a wide range of instructors (without having to travel!) to help you step out of your comfort zone and bring out the artist within.

NEW!!  2017 Newborn Retreat

Coming Jan 31st - Feb 2, 2017, learn from some of the industry's top newborn photographers!

From wrapping, posing, styling, and editing, you newborn work will be elevated!!

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Family Retreat

Family Retreat

Real connections, true emotions, relaxed families...18 instructors come together to help you elevate your family + child sessions.

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2016 Newborn Retreat

Get instant access to the 2016 Newborn Retreat videos, featuring parent posing with Rachel Vanoven, the potato sack with Penguin Pictures, natural style posing with Bethney Backhaus, and so much more!

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Family Retreat

Creativity Camp

It's easy to slip into the familiar and before you know it, it feels like you're doing the same shoot over & over again. Sometimes you just need inspiration to leave your comfort zone.

Learn creative editing, personal exploration and so much more!

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Family Retreat

Maternity Retreat

16 talented maternity photographers take you behind-the-scenes to show you their posing, styling, editing and business tips

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All of our classes come with lifetime access and a 100% money-back guarantee.  If you are looking to shorten the learning curve when it comes to studio lighting and newborn posing, you are in the right place!  All videos are recorded so you can watch when it works for YOUR schedule!

Family Retreat

    Illuminate: studio lighting for beginners

      In this e-course, you will learn…

      • what equipment you need for studio photography (and what you can get by without)
      • how to set up different lighting styles for newborn, maternity and child sessions
      • how to create ‘natural light’ results using studio lighting

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      Family Retreat

        Beyond the Beanbag: complete guide to newborn posing

        In this e-course, you will learn…

          • how to create poses parents love (and are willing to pay top dollar for)
          • how to incorporate props in a tasteful (and safe) way
          • how to successfully pose multiples and siblings

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            Sweet Expectations: a maternity posing + lighting guide (with videos!)

            In this eguide (with videos!), I'll share my favourite posing and lighting techniques to make your client look amazing. 

            We’ll walk you through the posing flow I use in my studio sessions, show lighting diagrams for set ups I most commonly use and post-processing tips for the ever-so-requested ‘dream lighting.’ 

            Posing with fabric, semi-nude + nudes covered, along with posing with couples and children. Learn how to avoid ‘tree trunk’ legs, banana hands, and unflattering angles.

            $189 USD  SALE: $99 USD

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                5 Days to Photoshop (NEW!)

                The thing is, Photoshop can be your best friend...OR it can completely overwhelm you - especially when you are first getting started.

                From knowing how to set up your work-space, to figuring out what editing tool actually does what, to understanding how to effectively use layer masks (and blending modes), it can be incredibly confusing. But it doesn't have to be that way.

                $149 USD  SALE: $69 USD

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                    The Delicate Workflow
                    (for Photoshop + ACR)

                    Shorten your editing time with this workflow set for ACR + Photoshop. Perfect for newborn and family sessions, this set is easy to tweak to match your style.

                    5 ACR presets, 10 ACR brushes and 10 Photoshop Actions designed to set you free.
                    You don't need 400 actions.  You just need ones that work.

                    $99 USD  SALE: $49 USD

                    Take a class. Give a class.

                    For every student who signs up for one of our classes, we will fund a month of schooling for a child. So, when take a class with us, you’re not only learning something new…you are helping one of these children learn something new too. And we think that’s pretty darn awesome!

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