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In a creative rut?

It's easy to slip into the familiar. And before you know it, it feels like you are doing the same shoot over and over again.

Sometimes what you need is a little inspiration to step out of your comfort zone, shake things up and try new things with your art (even if just for personal projects).

Creativity Camp will help you do exactly that.

It's not about imitating other artists,
it's about nurturing the artist inside you.

We've brought together an eclectic mix of teachers with very different styles so you can dip in and find inspiration from many pools.

Along with video lessons from each of the teachers, you'll also receive a downloadable workbook with assignments, journaling exercises, and challenges to stretch your imagination.

Creativity Camp is one-part practical learning and one-part self-exploration

You are creative.  You have something unique to share with this world.  Let us help you bring it to light.
Join us for a whimsical journey - you can download all the videos and the workbook so you have them for life.

Are you ready to have some fun?

$199 USD

(or 2 payments of $99 USD)

note: the 'official' camp took place June 22-24, but you get all the videos + recordings of Q&A sessions

What are the students already saying??

Who are the teachers?
(and what are they teaching?)

Heidi Hope

Heidi Hope Photography

Cultivating creativity from conception to shoot

From the creative exercises that help her innovate, to planning with clients, to hand-painting her sets, Heidi takes you with her on a creative journey that will leave you inspired and ready to put your unique artistic voice out into the world

Shalonda Chaddock

Chubby Cheek Photography

Finding inspiration in a regular ol' session

Join Shalonda as she takes you on an adventure through session to "edit" of a regular session with minimal props and captures authentic expressions along the way

Sally Molheok

Sally Kate Photography

Beach Photography:
The why | the what |
the when | the how

How to capture the magic of the sand and sea in any scenario

Morgan Burks

Morgan Burks Photography

Artistic Post-Processing

How to seamlessly apply dramatic skies in Photoshop and enhance the image with believable colors and tones.

Katrina Parry

Katrina Parry Photography

Creating and Editing a Storytelling Image
Katrina will go through several of her storytelling images, looking at before and after shots, pullbacks, and other materials and detailing the different creative decisions that help to craft a storytelling image, finishing with her editing workflow of one of her storytelling images.

Julie McGann

Julie McGann Fine Art Portraits

Thinking outside the Box

Inspiration without looking at other photographers.

Candice Zugich

Blissful Maven Photography

Creating passionate photography

Dana Pugh

Dana Pugh Photography

Expressing yourself through personal projects

Dana will talk about how she comes up with ideas for personal projects including giving examples of some that she has done. She will talk about the importance of showing your audience your true self by showing them more than just your commissioned work.

Heather Larkin


Fairy magic on a budget

It doesn't have to break the bank to make magic.  Learn how to fully style a fairy shoot for under $100

Tara Lesher

Tara Lesher Photography

Gone fishing!

Creative Fine Art Compositing 

Lisa DiGeso

Milk & Honey Photography

Sparkle sessions

Behind the scenes
+ fun variations

Aoife Cleare

Cleare Photography

Fine Art Newborn Compositing

How does it all work?

Step #1. Get your ticket!

Step #2. Log in to the site and start binge-watching!!

These sessions were recorded prior to the retreat - so if you haven't missed a thing (PLUS, you will be able to download the sessions so you have them for life! So if you want to ensure you have them for life, be sure to download them - AND back them up! )

NOTE: Sessions will range from 20-90 minutes. Some will be video footage of the instructor in action while other topics will be presented in a slideshow or interview format. These are not professionally filmed, so if that's a deal breaker for you, please wait for a future retreat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I HAVE to be online at a certain time?  No! You can access the videos when it works for you.  You’ll have access to the site until May 31, 2017 and you can download the videos so you have them for life.

Is this professionally filmed? Nope! In fact, each presenter will be creating/filming their own presentation which might be a slideshow presentation, a video of them in their office or in studio showing you some posing!  You will enjoy a jam-packed event with info, tips and inspiration to help you with your maternity photography (but it won’t be up for any videography awards, so if that’s a deal breaker for you, give this a pass for a future retreat!)

Can I download the presentations?  Yes!

Is this beginner friendly?  Yes!  Regardless of where you are on your journey, being able to tap into your creativity is important for your growth (and mental well-being!!)

Is there a  Facebook community for the camp?  We’ll be hosting a bonus Facebook group.  Please note, this pop-up community is a bonus – not a paid part of the camp experience.  To participate, there is a set of community guidelines to follow (basically – be awesome!), but those who are not awesome, will be asked to leave.

How long are the teachers in the Facebook Group + does the group stay open forever?  Teachers will be in the group until June 30th so you’ll have plenty of time to connect with other attendees and ask questions and share thoughts on the presentations.  As for “forever” – that is a long time so we can’t promise that.  But, provided it remains a positive, respectful community, we will hold space for your to continue to connect for several months after the camp take place

How long can I access the Camp videos You’ll have a chance to download them, so you can have them for life.  You will be able to access the videos on the Retreat website until May 31, 2017.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?  Sorry friend, tickets are non-refundable.  We DO know you will get your money’s worth in value but if you have any hesitation, sit this one out, wait for the feedback from attendees, and join us for a future Retreat!

What currency is the price?  USD

Is there tax added?  If you have the good fortune of living in Canada, then yes, there will be GST (or HST) charged.  We know tax can seem like a bummer, but think of all the wonderful things it provides….free healthcare tops our list!

Have a question not answered?  Email us at

Tickets $249 USD sale: $199 USD

Interested in being a teacher at a future retreat? 
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