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My Big Why…

I recently celebrated my  birthday and my gift to myself was a 30X40 canvas of my all time favorite image.     This is image represents so much to me. This is my sweet child almost 3 years ago, on the very first day I got my first DSLR. When I took this picture I […]

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Let’s put an end to this…

I was just about to go to bed, when I made the almighty mistake of doing one last peek at facebook. Why was that a mistake? Well…I could list of a hundred reasons (but that will be a post for another day). However – this random image popped up into my newsfeed.  I’ve seen many […]

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A bit of vintage…for a bitty price

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE prop shopping. In fact, it’s possible one might label me addicted to prop shopping. However, every now and then it’s fun to make your own unique creations…especially when they are as quick as these vintage-inspired headbands! A little stretchy lace, soaked in tea, small piece of felt, some […]

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DYI props: Making Angel Wings

While you *could* just go out and buy yourself some angel wings on e-bay, here’s another alternative!     If you could use a weekly dose of inspiration in your mailbox, sign up for our weekly lovenotes! (…it’s FREE!)

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Vendor Review: Devoted Knits.

We’re excited to add a new section to our blog, called Vendor Reviews.  We’ll be sharing the things I use and LOVE in my studio! (Milk & Honey bonnet)   I was first introduced to Trae of Devoted Knits gorgeous creations a few months ago. Since discovering all of our gorgeous goodies I have a […]

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