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Photo Composites for Magical AND Safe Newborn Photos

photo composites

Photo composites can be scary if you’re just starting out with Photoshop, but if you want to ensure the safety of your newborn clients, it is a skill you will have to learn. In this photo editing tutorial, I show you an easy method of creating a composite final image to produce a piece of […]

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Newborn Photography Tips to Ensure Safe Sessions

Newborn safety is the most important consideration if you ever want to be a newborn photographer, and we can all use some newborn photography tips to ensure our smallest clients are safe and happy while in our care. In today’s video I discuss my 6 essential tips to ensure a safe newborn photography session, including […]

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How to be more productive | 8 Time Hacks EVERYONE can use!

How to be more productive and save time is a struggle any busy entrepreneur (and parent!) can identify with on a daily basis. I share some of my proven ways of getting organized and being more productive and intentional with your time so that you can get work done! These time hacks have saved me […]

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