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Simple newborn wrap that EVERYONE can do!

simple newborn wrap

Every newborn photographer needs a simple newborn wrap that they can confidently do on their little clients, and the newborn wrapping technique I show in this video is an easy one to learn and remember. You can use a jersey wrap or cheesecloth or any other stretchy material, and it needs to be about 60 […]

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How to swaddle a newborn for a photo session

how to swaddle a newborn

“How to swaddle a newborn” is one of the first questions new mothers ask, and new newborn photographers are no different! Getting that perfect tight and cozy swaddle paves the way to a happy and comfortable baby, and thus those sleepy photos we all swoon about. The simple swaddle is a great way to get […]

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Top 8 NEW newborn photographer mistakes

New newborn photographers often lack confidence and aren’t sure whether they are on the right track. Even more experienced photographers sometimes make these newborn photographer mistakes! We run through the top 8 mistakes that you can make as a new newborn photographer, and I will give you some advice on how to avoid them. Keeping […]

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How to blur the background in newborn photos

how to blur the background

“How to blur the background” is one of the most frequently asked questions from our students, so we’ve decided it would be fitting topic for the first installment in our “Ask Lisa” series. Getting that yummy, creamy bokeh in your newborn photos can help elevate your work in the studio, and making sure you get […]

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Wrapping Newborns | The Peeking Toe Wrap

wrapping newborns

Take a peek behind the scenes with me wrapping newborns for a special “peeking toe” effect that looks so sweet. This newborn wrapping technique is simple to do and you can have several variations with just one foot peeking out, ankles crossed, and many more. Grab the Newborn Posing reference guide here:    […]

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