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Newborn Backdrop Stand | Easy DIY using PVC pipes

Making a newborn backdrop stand is as easy as fitting a few PVC pipes and connectors together! Starting out in newborn photography doesn’t have to be expensive with this easy DIY to build your own frame for your newborn bean bag poser. You can find all the supplies at your local big box hardware store. […]

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Newborn Photography Props | 6 Tips for Choosing Blankets

newborn photography props

Newborn photography props come in many shapes and sizes, and it can be confusing choosing the ones most appropriate for your studio, especially when you are just starting out or when you’re on a strict budget. Blankets to use on your beanbag is a staple for any newborn studio, so I’m walking you through how […]

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Edit Newborn Photos – No Actions Required!

edit newborn photos

To edit newborn photos can be daunting! Most newborns don’t have creamy, smooth skin when they are photographed, and so it is important that all photographers learn how to edit jaundice, redness, acne, flaky skin and anything else baby can throw at you! The key is to edit newborn skin in a way that still […]

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Family Photo Shoots | Tips for challenging sessions from Twig & Olive

family photo shoot

Family photo shoots elicit ideas of beautifully dressed families running through grassy fields at sunset, hand-in-hand and laughing in absolute family bliss. The reality is much more sobering. Golden-hour photography sessions can prove to be very challenging when you factor in that it’s after most toddler’s bedtimes. When added to the stress for parents to […]

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