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A bed is not always a bed…

One of my favourite backdrops is the the big fluffy bed with white pillows & yummy white duvet. What many people don’t know is that  this is not my bed or a bedroom in my house. This is in my studio.

What I do is set up my backdrop with whatever color seamless I decide to use, then I lay out the pillows and duvet so it looks like a bed, & Voila! instant bedroom!

I first learned this from my friend the uber talented Lisa Holloway in Kingman Arizona.

Behind the scenes shot with Duvet and pillows resting against seamless on a backdrop stand. I use clamps to hold the seamless in place.

In this situation I have the backdrop angled at approx 75 degrees to the window  but I often move it to somewhere between 45-90 degrees depending on the shadowing I want.

Resulting photo Shot at F2.2 SS 1/250 ISO 300 backdrop angled aprox 75 degrees toward window.

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Lindsey Reply

aren’t you freakin clever?!

Jodie Reply

THANK YOU! This is huge! I always wondered! I can’t wait to try this out next chance I get!

Cherilyn H. Reply

Why have I never thought of that?! I always wondered how photographers got so lucky to have clients with such great bedding! Haha Thanks for sharing your tip. 🙂

Danielle Reply

Oh my gosh! Brilliant – I never would have guessed! :runs to store to buy necessary items!:

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Jenny Reply

So clever! I was always wishing I had fabulous window light in my bedroom to do something similar and never thought of this. 🙂 Thanks for the tips, I just love them!

Julia Holman Reply

would love to know what that seamless is… I love that color

jen Reply

Wow! I always thought this was an actual bed. I am going to have to try it! I love it!

Yuliana Reply

Oh wow!! This is amazing! Thanks for sharing!!!

Elle (Ella Bella Photography) Reply

Brilliant! Just brilliant! I adore you!!

Kim Kimmel Reply

Love it! Thanks 🙂 Is your paper flat against the wall on this shot? Otherwise I would think the pillows would cave it in and then the paper would be wrinkled???

Heather Reply

I love this! Thanks for sharing!

Jen Teal Reply

WOW! This is awesome!!!! Thank you for starting on such a wonderful idea! 🙂 I cannot wait for more!!! 🙂

Brandi Williamson Reply

Ironically, I never would have thought of this!! LOL! Thank you for being so generous! I love it!!!

Hayley Reply

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Are the pillows supported by something other than the paper? Or is the paper up against the wall? I’m just wondering how they aren’t causing wrinkles in the backdrop. I’m sure at any point in the session, the child will lie back on them and cause rips.

Marie Sant Reply

You are a genius! LOVE your work and thank you for sharing! 🙂

Yvette Reply

OMG That just blew my mind 🙂
I have always loved shots with the ‘bed’ and always wondered how many people actually have white linen, now I know LOL!

Karin Reply

WOW! I “assumed” that shot was taking in a studio! It is so kind of you to share your tips with aspiring photographers! Thank you so much 🙂

Aimee Nelson Reply

This is brilliant! I’m such a huge fan of you beautiful work!!!

Kelly Hosch Reply

What an awesome idea! Thank you!

Lisa Holloway {Las Vegas Photographer} Reply

You know I love this idea! SO simple, clean and sweet. You executed it beautifully here! I love that you did it indoors too…I’m a dork and threw my comforter down on the garage floor. LOL

Jessica Clausen Reply

Love it! I will have to try this!

Michelle Newell Reply

Brilliant! I absolutely LOVE this idea and had always wondered! =))

Elizabeth Crocker Reply

Love this, but what I really love is seeing how you store all those backdrops so easily!

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Milk & Honey Reply

haha my hubby made me that 🙂

Sadonna Lingnau Reply

Thanks for the pull back I love the idea!

Naomi M Reply

What a clever little duck! I love how you’ve made the paper free of any kinks or dents. Do you find the paper moves when people change positions or, do you run the paper on the floor a little and then place all the bedding on top of it?

staci bailey Reply

Oh my goodness….LOVE this! What a great idea!!!!

Samantha Reply

Well aren’t you a flipping genius!!! Thank you for this, such a great idea! How wide are your backdrops? They don’t look 43″ but they don’t seem to be 107″ either!

Steph Henley Reply

Gorgeous! Can’t wait to try this!!! :-))

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Sophie Reply

Wow. What a brilliant idea! Definitely an “ah ha” moment. Can’t wait to try this!! 🙂

Laura Marchese-Harbottle Reply

OMG, Fantastic!

Linda Kehoe Reply

super fantastic….be great for those perfect pet photos

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Brigit Plate Reply

LOVe this. Thanks for sharing!

Whitney Mara Reply

I think you just made my day and became my best friend all at the same time! BRILLIANT! 🙂

Nicole Reply

Ha! I thought that too! I never have bedding that nice 🙂

Bethany Reply

That is sooo stinky smart. I just love you guys. could you even do this with a clients wall and that way you don’t have to worry about a baby/toddler falling off and the parents would feel more comfortable for sure. I will have to try this next time I am at a clients house.

thank you

Lisa McPherson Reply

Yep! I AM silly! WHY haven’t I thought of this?! I have seen this set up and each time I think, wow, it’s too bad I don’t have a room for that. Problem solved! Thanks 🙂

sara b Reply

I was wondering that also!

Lisa Reply

Yes! So true about the added safety component with little ones! 🙂

Lisa Reply

The paper is at a bit of angle (on a backdrop stand) – when the pillows go against it, it makes it go more ‘straight’ – now I’m in a studio where I’ve painted on wall bone so I don’t have to worry about the paper – but, for the most part, they are moving towards their mamas! (not the back of the paper)

Tina Reply

I would love to know what size your drops are too! Thanks so much. Love love love this!!

Lisa Reply

Those are just the 53″ rolls (in the new studio, there’s a cream wall I can use!

Sophie Reply

Brilliant idea! I was even thinking of putting a headboard on wheels, and stowing it behind the backdrop for make-believe bed sessions. Not to mention, it’s safer for babies and kids when there’s no fear of falling off the bed! 🙂

ashney Reply

the backdrop – what color/kind is it? and where could one by it?

Its so lovely, and this is a stunning photo!

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